Semiconductor IP tailored for Energy Efficient SoC designs

Our Foundation, Power Management and Audio Sensing IP are cleverly designed to optimize energy consumption in sleep and active modes. State transitions are carefully controlled to achieve the best efficiency.

We work hand in hand with the leading foundries to develop and maintain our IP, ready to go on silicon, safely.

Wish to discover our wide rich IP portfolio?

Foundation IP

Pioneers of the fabless eco-system, we delivered the first standard cell libraries and memory compilers to the growing semiconductor foundries.

Power Management IP

Experts in voltage regulation, we offer a complete range of innovative linear or switching regulators for integrating the power network.

Audio Sensing IP

Voice control is everywhere. Our range of ADC/DAC for Audio applications includes our award-winning voice activity detection.

Platform solutions

Improving the operating time of a battery-powered device that uses an energy-efficient sleep mode.

ASIC / SoC Services

One-stop shop solution for on-demand ASIC/SoC design and FPGA to ASIC migration, with access to several foundries and technology nodes.