Voice Activity Detection IP – WhisperTrigger

Voice Activity Detection IP, WhisperTriggerTM

on <10µA Budget

WhisperTrigger™ allows your system to detect voice activity and increase its battery life. Our robust and silicon-proven, Voice Activity Detection, provides ultra-low-power Always-On Voice listening IP for a fast time to market.
voice activity detection

Discover our Voice Activity Detection IP, WhisperTriggerTM

Energy saving

Ultimate Power Saving

The WhisperTriggerTM  is a stand-alone feature. it enables to switching off the audio DSP and ADC, to divide the power consumption by up to 50 times compared to conventional approaches at a system level

Audio recognition - adaptability


WhisperTriggerTM‘s self-adjustable algorithm ensures the best detection rate whatever the environmental conditions of the user


An objective benchmark

Dolphin Design has developed MIWOKTM, a public benchmark solution to compare voice detection performances

Audio recognition performances


WhisperTriggerTM‘s outstanding performance – up to 100% detection rate both near field and far field conditions. Available in Analog and Digital

Innovation Voice Activity Detection for ultimate power savings

Conventional Always-On Keyword Spotting can not be ultra-low power

To minimize power consumption of a voice-controlled device, the current approach is to handle speech recognition after Keyword Spotting. It involves keeping the voice ADC and the DSP always on.

keyword spotting

Dolphin Design solution, WhisperTriggerTM: Breakthrough Voice Activity Detection for ultimate power saving

The breakthrough WhisperTrigger™ tracks continuously the surrounding sounds to identify a voice activity so as to awaken the voice processing blocks (audio ADC and DSP) through a trigger signal as soon as but not sooner than, a voice is detected. Two types of WhisperTrigger™ (WT-d ans WT-a), are proposed for integration into the SoC to support both analog/electric and digital microphones. WhisperTrigger™  can also be embedded into a DMIC. WhisperTrigger™ – digital (WT-d): The fully synthesizable VAD to switch-off the audio DSP The WT-d detects the presence of a voice at the output of a DMIC or at the output of a voice ADC embedded on SoC so as to switch on the DSP, to perform Keyword Spotting, only once a voice is detected.
voice activity dectection audio ip
WhisperTrigger TM – analog (WT-a): The ultimate power saving solution The WT-a enables to switch off the whole chain of acquisition and processing of the audio signal from the ADC to the DSP and to wake them up only when voice is detected by the voice activity detection IP.

Self-adaptable algorithm (patent-pending): the must-have

Users of wireless smart home, IoT products, or Smartphones are exposed to different types of ambient noises all along the day. As a result, the only solution to ensure the best detection rate is to rely on a trigger capable of continuously adapting itself to the environment of the device user.

keyword spotting

WhisperTriggerTM‘s powerful algorithm wakes up the DSP handling Keyword Spotting with the best success rate, no matter the environment of the user and the distance between the user and the voice-activated device.

MIWOKTM, an objective benchmark for Voice Activity Detection

Dolphin Design has developed MIWOKTM,  the first public domain benchmark for voice activity detection. It characterizes the performance in different conditions and environments. You can benchmark:

  • the detection latency (DL)
  • the radio of voice detected as voice (VDV)
  • the radio of noise detected as voice (NDV)

The WhisperTriggerTM's performances

active voice detection

Our VAD was designed to support and optimize power consumption of your keyword spotting solutions.

To ensure to not impact the performances of your keyword spotting algorithm, our VAD can detect all phonem before 60% of its duration( average of 16%).


Download our white paper on Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

More than ever before, attention to power consumption is paramount when developing new products. In this environment, voice activity detection has a major role to play in any new voice-controlled system. The main objective of VAD is to lower power consumption, saving on computation or data processing by deactivating part of the SoC when no speech patterns are detected.
Markets like home assistants and telecommunications can greatly benefit from this feature as the
always-on mode is not exactly suitable for wireless products or when privacy is a concern.

  1. Different VADs and how to compare them
  2. What does the market offer at this point?
  3. WhisperTriggerTM Voice Activity Detection

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