BAT – Audio IP platform

BAT – Application-optimized audio IPs

Enabling HiFi and enhanced audio experience lasting days
High-resolution with ultra-low power audio converters configured on demand with unique built-in features

BAT is our audio IP platform for serving a wide range of fashionable applications such as Smart Speakers, Smart Hearables, wearable, IoT, and more.

It provides:

  • High fidelity ADC / DAC audio IPs
  • All in one, configurable Audio Codec IPs
  • Ultra-low-power Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
  • Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
  • PDM to PCM converter
  • And more coming soon!

BAT enables a seamless configuration and assembly of your high fidelity and low power audio device ensuring faster Time-To-Market with robust and advanced IPs.

BAT - At the crossroads of analog performances and digital adaptability

ANALOG solutions, making the interface between the analog and digital worlds

  • MEMS microphone and electret support
  • High electrical performances for accurate data recording and playback
  • Cap-less architecture to limit BoM impact

DIGITAL solutions, enabling powerful audio signal processing with soft flexibility

  • Digital microphone support
  • Hardware filters for optimum energy efficiency
  • Various features to adapt to application constraints
  • High configurability

Trending features enabled by our Audio IPs

Active Headphones

We enable noise-cancellation to fully offset the effect of distracting and concurrent activity, dramatically improving audio rendering.

Smart Remote

We reduce the power consumption of always-on smart speakers with our ultra-low power voice detection solutions.

In-vehicle Infotainment

We improve the reliability of voice-control functions with our highly noise resilient converters.


  • TWS earbuds, headphones and headsets
  • AR/VR
  • Smart speakers, home appliance
  • Wearables, hearables, Voice first devices
  • BLE codecs
  • LP and GP MCU

Key figures

  • 8μA in Voice Detection mode
  • 100% voice detected
  • 106 dB SNR ADC
  • 119 dB SNR DAC
  • < 8μs latency mic input to HP output
  • Up to 768 kHz sample rate​​

Always on Voice User Interface, µW power budget

Choose the right level of always-on capabilities with the WhisperFamily

WhisperTrigger: Voice activity Detection, optimized for I0T.

Detect human voice and wake up your system.

WhisperExtractor: Analog feature extraction, for µW power budget always on applications.

Enable the lowest power VUI with µW level always-on feature extraction.

Remove distractions. Augment your sound experience.​​

Ultra low latency audio converters down to 3µs

Active Noise Cancellation allows you to listen to audio content without raising the volume excessively. We provide a powerful set of converters to make high-fidelity ANC possible.


  • ADC with Dynamic Range higher than 106 dB maintaining audio performance in analog mic-in mode
  • Pop-up noise level as low as – 60 dBV

Accurate sound processing. Reliable voice interaction.

Audio CODEC with high Noise Resilience

Engage seamless in-vehicle voice command and response interactions with robust noise tolerance in a high-temperature environment.

  • High CMRR enabling in-vehicle distributed mic positioning
  • Low crosstalk multi-channel CODEC
  • Embedded low noise voltage regulator for enhanced resilience to power supply-related noise

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