ADC / DAC Audio IP serving voice-enabled devices

We provide high-performance, compact, low power and customizable audio analog mixed-signal IP in leading foundry processes, including a wide range of ADC, DAC, CODEC and Voice Activity Detectors.
By embedding our IP, designers can meet the demanding audio requirements of voice-controlled devices, keeping BOM and integration costs under control.

Our IP portfolio serves leading-edge audio applications

Active Headphones

We enable noise-cancellation to fully offset the effect of distracting and concurrent activity, dramatically improving audio rendering.

Smart Speakers

We reduce the power consumption of always-on smart speakers with our swift voice detection solutions.

In-vehicle Infotainment

We improve the reliability of voice-control functions with our highly noise resilient converters.
Remove distractions. Augment your sound experience.​​

Ultra low latency audio converters down to 3µs

Active Noise Cancellation allows for listening to audio content without raising the volume excessively. We provide a powerful set of converters to make high-fidelity ANC possible.


  • ADC with Dynamic Range higher than 104 dB maintaining audio performance in analog mic-in mode
  • Pop-up noise level as low as – 60 dBV
Ultra efficient and accurate voice command detection. Wake up when effectively required.

Audio CODEC with embedded Voice Detection

The built-in microphones in smart speakers are continuously listening for “hot keywords” followed by a command. In order to maximize the sleep state mode timeshare to limit the system power consumption, we designed audio CODEC solutions with voice activity detection capability, the Whisper Trigger IP.

  • Enables ultra low power keyword spotting mode
  • High Dynamic Range – up to 100 dB – to perform far-field voice recognition
Accurate sound processing. Reliable voice interaction.

Audio CODEC with high Noise Resilience

Engage seamless in-vehicle voice command and response interactions with robust noise tolerance in high temperature environment.

  • High CMRR enabling in-vehicle distributed mic positioning
  • Low crosstalk multi-channel CODEC
  • Embedded low noise voltage regulator for enhanced resilience to power supply related noise

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