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Enabling the safe and fast design of energy-efficient power networks on SoCs.

A comprehensive set of voltage regulators and monitors empowered through a power network and controller generator.

Energy efficiency has now replaced low power as one of the main challenges that the IC design teams are facing. From the adoption of smarter SoC architectures to the selection of the right process node, designers need to find solutions to integrate more and more functionalities in their end product while ensuring maximum performances with minimum energy consumption. At SoC-level, power management is a critical functionality to embed. It enables to control and sequence the way the energy is distributed to each block in the circuit. With more and more complex SoCs and low-power schemes to manage, the integration of power management requires a wide technical expertise from architecture to design and can drastically slow-down the conventional design cycle and increase the risk of silicon failure.

Design an energy efficient power management system in days, not months

SPIDER Power Management IP platform is a turnkey solution to achieve advanced power network design, verification & integration in weeks instead of months. It is built on our state-of-the-art IP portfolio available in a wide set of process nodes and fully customizable to any application thanks to our system-level power architecture utility. Thus, we bring our expertise into your hands to achieve ultimate energy efficiency, speed-up your design flow and secure your silicon.

  • Speed-up time-to-market
  • Achieve ultimate energy efficiency with advanced low power techniques and innovative SoC architecture powered by our state-of-the-art IPs
  • Secure silicon with standardized and predictable design methodology

Power management IP platform portfolio

voltage regulator module

Adaptive Body Bias IP (ABB)

A revolutionary IP enabling real-time control of transistor threshold voltages.

Configurable Power Controller

Keep control of your SoC power management strategy from the start-up sequence to advanced DVFS schemes with our configurable ePMU.

Voltage Regulators

Configurable LDOs and DC-DCs to build the optimal supply network while keeping your BoM and integration costs under control.

Power network explorer

System-level utility for power management architecture, design and integration.

Always-on solutions

We enable ultra-low leakage SoC devices to maximize the lifetime of battery powered devices.

Power Studio

Our system-level utility for power management architecture, design and integration

Adaptive Body Bias (ABB) IP

The all-in one Dolphin ABB IP features a bias generator, low power sensors, and a control loop to enable  on-the-fly  adaption of transistor threshold voltages.
Efficient compensation of all process, voltage, temperature, and aging variations can be performed in real time, while the circuit is operating. Combined with ABB-aware libraries significant PPA gains can be achieved.
The area of the ABB IP system is marginal (<1%) as well as the power consumption (34µW in TT, 25° C).

MAESTRO Power Controller: The keystone of the power management system

MAESTRO Power Controller brings you ultra-low consumption and high-flexibility for a best-in-class energy efficient power network. Built on a CPU-less architecture scalable to any SoC complexity, it manages the way energy is distributed to each block in the circuit, controls power sequencing and makes sure retention, power gating and isolation strategies are under control. MAESTRO works hand-in-hand with our power management IPs and is seamlessly configured with PowerStudio for a fast and predictable integration into your SoC.

  • Scalable to any SoC complexity
  • Fast and easy configuration with PowerStudio
  • CPU-less and event-based architecture for ultra-low power consumption

Tell us what’s inside your SoC. We have the right regulators for your application.

Configurable LDO and DC-DC Portfolio

From 1mA to 1A and more, our regulators can be configured to provide you with the best power efficiency figures, whatever application and the battery you are using.

  • Support 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V batteries (AA, coin cell, Li-Ion, USB)
  • High-efficiency DC-DC to get the maximum power from your supply source
  • Low leakage LDO with high PSRR to supply RF and digital domains
  • Capless LDO to remove the need for external components

PowerStudio: our system-level utility for power management architecture, design and integration

PowerStudio is powered by Dolphin Design’s long expertise with power management design optimization. Compatible with any process node, already pre-configured with our IP portfolio and open to 3rd party IPs, it provides you with a single cockpit to build a safe power network configuration that matches your application requirements. From early power architecture exploration up to RTL/UPF low-power flow enablement, PowerStudio is at your side to standardize and accelerate your power management design flow.

  • Fast power architecture exploration and selection
  • Smooth  MAESTRO power controller configuration with automated testbench generation
  • Automated generation of RTL and UPF files to bridge the gap with front-end design flow
  • Open to third-party IPs and ready to support any process node 
power management unit
Step 1: Fast power architecture exploration
Step 1: Intuitive MAESTRO Power Controller configuration
Step 1: Intuitive power modes sequencing
Step 2: Automated power architecture comparison and Figure of Merits for early PPA assessment
Step 3: Automated PMU RTL generation
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Minimize leakage consumption. Maximize battery life

Adopt our Always-ON power management & oscillators solutions to increase the autonomy of your battery-operated device

  • Ultra-low quiescent LDO (< 150 nA)
  • Ultra-low power 32kHz RC and XTAL oscillators with RTC
  • Energy-efficient POR-BOR monitoring

Download our white paper on advanced power management techniques "Breaking new energy efficiency records with advanced power management platform"

Design teams must gain in energy efficiency by deploying increasingly complex power management techniques to meet the demands of the new IoT markets. This is particularly tricky in advanced IoT where near-sensor processing must be efficiently combined with RF connectivity, together with advanced power management.
  1. Introduction of context
  2. Power Management techniques short review
  3. Key configurations
  4. ULPMark Benchmark
  5. Results’ summary and benchmarking
  6. Conclusion

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