Foundation IP
Foundation IPs for Energy Efficient SoC

We provide a broad and consistent range of embedded memories, power gating solutions, and Logic libraries for designers seeking low power with no trade-off on silicon area.

We thoroughly validate our foundation IP portfolio, combining foundry qualification standards and our stringent correlation process – the ‘Virtual Fab Process’ – to help designers accelerate their SoC development, enabling easy integration and high fabrication yield, from 180 nm down to the most advanced nodes.

Our Foundation IPs embed power management features (multi-Vt/multi-channel libraries, multi-VDD characterization, integrated power switches, source-biasing…) which allow designers to explore the SoC architecture. Optimal configurations can be generated to meet the application’s Performance, Power, and Area constraints. We also complement our offering to reach best-in-class Energy Efficient SoC by serving Always-On power domains with a dedicated offer, optimized to achieve the ultra-low-power requirements of battery-operated devices in sleep mode.

Embedded Memories

Ultra-low power, high density single rail SRAM, Register files and ROM. Our memories support multiple power modes for greatest operational flexibility between performance, power savings and wake-up time.

Logic Libraries

Standard cell libraries optimized for supporting ultra low power applications such as battery powered IoT or wearable devices.
We offer two architectures: uHD for low dynamic power and BiV for low leakage.

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