Revolutionary ultra-low power SoC architectures

CPU-less data management subsystems enablement for ultimate energy efficiency

Subsystem architectures are critical to energy savings

Designers usually build their SoC based on pre-designed & pre-verified subsystem architectures.
The architecture choice is extremely important to maximize energy efficiency. We have experienced more than 100x improvement in energy efficiency thanks to novel subsystem architectures. Innovating in this area is definitely the right path to push back SoC energy efficiency limits.

CPU-less data management subsystems are the future for ultimate energy efficiency gains

CPU-less data management system architectures do not suffer from the CPU-centric architectures limitations.
The data can be autonomously stored and treated through a smart DMA without involving the CPU, leading to significant power & latency savings. Moreover with an improved bus & memory architecture the CPU can perform other tasks and access the memory in parallel, leading to drastic performance  improvements.
We have developed a unique subsystem approach based on a CPU-less data management system technology.

Sub-systems MCU

CPU-centric subsystem are limited in energy efficiency

In CPU-centric architecture (the most commonly used) the CPU is involved in every data event on peripherals. In deep sleep mode, the CPU context needs to be restored for each data event, leading to significant latency and power overhead.

Moreover, while the CPU is busy treating the data, it cannot perform other tasks, leading to severe performance limitations.

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