System Platform for Energy Efficient Design

Simplify energy-efficient designs with cost-effective template approach

Achieve Best-in-class SoC Energy Efficiency

With Moore’s law slowering down, breakthrough in Energy Efficiency for the next generation designs should now be sought out with chip customization and advanced design technics. Moreover, edge computing and smart sensors are calling upon massive improvements in energy efficient processing and data processing.
In order to overcome the fact that technology scaling is not sufficient anymore to answer next generation IoT applications requirements, availability of pre-configured and validated IP clusters to reduce design cycle time and enable silicon specialization is the only path forward.

SPEED platform solutions enable configurable energy efficient SoC designs for our customers thanks to a system-level expertise based on our Power Management Platform and our SoC Platform.
Energy efficient and low power designs are part of Dolphin’s DNA since its inception and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to simplify the design of energy efficient and customized SoC allowing them to focus on their own competencies and added value. Dolphin’s platforms enable design at advanced nodes by controlling the technology complexity and lowering your project Time-To-Market and Total-Cost-of-Ownership.

Power Management Platform

The explosion of intelligent IoT devices and connected vehicles, supported by a fast-growing communication and processing infrastructure, is creating an exponential demand for energy. Built on a consistent set of qualified IP clusters and powered by a smart platform design kit, our Power Management Platform allows to achieve unprecedent energy efficient figures among active and low-power modes while reducing integration costs and system risks.

  • Guided power network construction to speed-up the design of energy efficient Power Management Units
  • Qualified IP clusters
  • Smart evaluation and comparison of power network architectures with user-defined criteria
  • Built-in electrical and noise checks to ensure safe IP integration and application robustness
SoC Platform

Typical requirements of edge and AI IoT applications are battery lifetime, computing power, connectivity and data privacy. Most of the time these challenges are addressed with technology scaling, but this is not always acceptable anymore.

Dolphin’s SoC Platforms are built on a qualified, energy efficiency oriented and state-of-the-art architectured superset of functional clusters. They are supported by a complete Platform Design Kit allowing SoC designers to rapidly set-up a verified evaluation version of their design.


  • Early evaluation of SoC architecture performances thanks to virtual platform
  • Silicon proven demonstration of SoC templates
  • Standard interfaces for easy connection and integration of third-party IP
  • Automated generation of SoC architecture custom configuration
  • Hardware / Software co-design and integration
Energy Efficient Clusters

Coming Soon
Our energy efficient clusters are optimized for consumer and industrial IoT devices. They target ultra-low power MCU, wearables, intelligent and always-on sensors, mobile headsets, earpods, smart speakers, voice assistants, etc.
Thanks to their high level of configurability they cover through a wide range of power frugal applications, and you can scale them even further by simply adding your own custom IP. Just pick one or several clusters that match your requirements, and customize them at will.
Our clusters feature power management IP, clock management IP, activity control unit, always-on sensors, audio codecs, hardware accelerators, high speed interfaces, standard peripherals, intelligent DMAs, etc.

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