System Platform for Energy Efficient Design

Simplify energy-efficient designs with cost-effective platform approach

Easier, faster, safer design of energy efficient SoC

Achieve Best-in-class SoC Energy Efficiency

With Moore’s law slowing down the breakthrough in Energy Efficiency for the next generation designs, solutions should now be sought with chip customization and advanced design technics. Moreover, edge computing and smart sensors are calling for massive improvements in energy efficient usage and data processing.

In order to overcome the fact that technology scaling is no longer sufficient to answer next generation IoT applications requirements, the only path forward is with the availability of pre-configured and validated IP clusters to reduce design cycle time and enable silicon specialization.


Mastering costs, risks and time-to-market is crucial

Your challenges
  • Selection of energy-efficient Semiconductor IPs available in any process node
  • Creation of a cross-domains expert team
  • Standardization, automation and predictability of architecture phase
  • Reduction of long & iterative design cycle time

You need to rely on TURNKEY solutions

SPEED Platform
Energy Efficiency without limits


SPEED platform solutions enable configurable energy efficient SoC designs thanks to a system-level expertise based on our Power Management and Processing Platforms.

Energy efficient and low power designs are part of Dolphin’s DNA since its inception and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to simplify the design of energy efficient and customized SoC allowing them to focus on their own competencies and added value.

Energy efficiency

Up to x100 Energy Efficiency

Dolphin’s platforms enable design at advanced nodes by:


keeping technology complexity under control


lowering your project Time-To-Market


reducing total-Cost-of-Ownership

Evaluate the gain you will obtain thanks to SPEED platform

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