MyDolphin: Resource center for efficient evaluation of Silicon IPs

All fabless suppliers are confronted with the same difficulties selecting silicon IPs when designing a SoC. Obtaining all the needed characteristics can be a time-consuming and difficult task.

Dolphin Design is dedicated to helping its users succeed quickly at each stage of their projects. MyDolphin comes naturally to help facilitate the exchange of information with our users.

MyDolphin web portal is your private space to get the data and means for a fast, thorough and objective assessment of Silicon IP performances.

Which resources are available on MyDolphin?

Examples of resources available to complete a fast, thorough and objective product evaluation:

  • Online TSMC Memory generators (Front-End views incl. LEF file)
  • Evaluation kits of TSMC standard-cell libraries (Front-End views incl. LEF file)
  • Evaluation kits of Power Management Platform
  • Detailed presentation sheets with performance highlights (incl. benchmarking results)

Additional data, such as product specifications or budgetary quotes, are provided upon request, by the sales coordinator overseeing your account.

MyDolphin is a web portal to speed up your evaluation process thanks to fast access to relevant data, documents and tools. However, we value the human relationship with our partners and your privileged interlocutor will strive to fully understand your needs and answer all of your questions.

Q & A

Why should I complete the registration form as thoroughly as possible?

A complete registration form is needed to be able to contact you ASAP. All of our sales representatives are native speakers from various countries to ensure communication is smooth. You can count on them.

What happens once I have completed the registration form?

The sales representative assigned to coordinate the discussions with your company will contact you to get a full understanding of your needs and challenges. They will put a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place (if none is in place yet), and handle the procedure to grant you access to our MyDolphin resource center.

Access to all the data relevant to your project will be granted to you for a period of six months. You will receive a notification before your credentials expire, and you will be able to extend the access easily from your account.

Is it really free?

The data available on MyDolphin only requires having a valid NDA in place. The data you will be downloading from MyDolphin requires neither a license agreement nor the payment of any fee.

This web portal is at your disposal whenever needed, for you to save time selecting the Silicon IP for your current and future projects.