Turnkey ASIC / SoC services

Turnkey ASIC / SoC services

ASIC design solution – Acess your perfectly matching component solution:

Join Dolphin Design’s GoASIC! program and access the network of semiconductor experts to realize your custom component.

ASIC SoC Design services

Reduce your BOM costs

with less components to procure

By grouping functionalities and rationalizing performances to the exact need, the number of key components of your BOM will be drastically reduced.
The sales price of ASIC parts is contained and in some cases we achieve:

BOM reduction by grouping key functionalities

You will also reduce the PCB form factor, hence triggering additional savings.

Leverage our SoC/ASIC expertise

using silicon-proven architecture elements from our portfolio of IPs

Enhance your SoC/ASIC performances

focus the effort on the key parameters

Target exactly what you need. Off-the-shelf components are never matching exactly what your customer wants. By choosing the ASIC solution, we can relax the non-key specifications to boost the parameter which will make the difference for you.

Your product will match exactly your customers’ needs.

Reduce power consumption

as you eliminate wait cycles & reduce system workload thanks to faster execution and the possibility to reduce the frequency.

Example of performances improvement potential with our NPU accelerator IP, Raptor

NPU Benchmark

Secure and streamline your supply chain

reduce your supplier list and dependency to fluctuations

The semiconductor market is subject to rapid fluctuations. By using an ASIC in your product, you will access directly semiconductor suppliers through us.
This will drastically reduce your dependency on market fluctuations.

Secure your project development schedule.

Process nodes

Dolphin Design has the capability to handle virtual any process nodes of the market



ISO9001:2015 EN9100:2018

GoASIC partners



PRESTOR Enginering
Arm Approved design partner

Design Partner

“When developing SoCs, customers want the fastest, lowest-risk design journey possible, […] This accreditation was awarded following a stringent audit process and demonstrates Dolphin Design’s expertise in designing high-quality Arm-based SoCs with rapid time-to-market.” Read our press release >

Ciarán Dunne
vice president and general manager, Partner Enablement at Arm

Turnkey solutions with partners

we have developed a network of partners to propose pre-cabled solutions to our customers

Supply chain


RFID architecture

IoT turnkey solution


RF IoT turnkey solution

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