tinyRAPTOR: NPU Edge AI processor

Transforming Far-Edge Computer Vision With Energy-Efficient AI​

tinyRAPTOR's AI stack for embedded vision

tinyRAPTOR is a digitally scalable silicon proven NPU* hardware IP.

Its convenient SDK accelerates Deep Neural Network exploration and minimizes inference implementation costs.

Our pre-optimized AI models for memory-constrained chips deliver accurate Computer Vision insights at more than 20 frames per second yet under 1 mW processing power.

*NPU: Neural Processing Unit

see tinyRAPTOR's solution in action on our device-like demonstrator

Want to know our secret sauce to deliver first class computation-rate at every milli-watt ?

tinyRAPTOR’s Near Memory Computing NPU architecture and its inference-efficient AI stack optimize data flow processing by eliminating energy-wasting data movement.

Always ON Computer Vision is now possible.

Enable countless new use-cases with Always-ON Computer Vision

Classification & Detection

Classification & Detection



identify multiple objects,  understand their shapes & boundaries.

Empower your clients

to deploy classification, detection or segmentation AI models on tinyRAPTOR’s enabled SoCs or Image Sensors, to deliver carbon-friendly vision intelligence for endless use-cases.

Push button AI deployment

turn data science into production ready software in a few days

The tinyRAPTOR's SDK enables rapid exploration & implementation of Deep Neural Networks into tinyRAPTOR's enabled SoC or Image Sensors.

Start from the comfort of your preferred development environment such as Data Science Notebooks or Visual Studio Code,

Sweep through a range of tinyRAPTOR’s frequencies, voltages & MAC configurations,

And find-out the ideal energy-latency sweet-spot for your AI model optimized for tinyRAPTOR’s Neural Processing Unit.

Pair tinyRAPTOR’s SDK together with NAS* tools, spot pareto-front families of AI models, choose one suiting your use-case

*NAS: Network Architecture Search

Try tinyRAPTOR's SDK now,

and push AI compute capabilities right at the end-point.

pre-optimized AI models

tinyRAPTOR’s Vision AI Models Zoo is a collection of pre-optimized AI models for computer visions tasks such as Classification, Detection, Segmentation

Use our optimized AI models for tinyRAPTOR’s NPU hardware, as a launchpad to create customized models fine-tuned to your final application use-case.