+15 years of track records with Power Metering AFE IPs

Low area, high accuracy, energy metering 24-bit ADC IP

5th generation Power Metering IP
For single or three phases

Dolphin Design Power Meter Analog-Front-End IP now available from 180nm down to 40nm process node.

Make the switch to the state-of-the-art ADC

Main benefits: 

✔Low-noise at low-frequency 

✔Low Offset

✔High THD 

✔Very low gain error < 0.01 % (for class 0,1)

✔Synchronised channels and phase shifting callibration

✔Integrated power computation algorithms

✔Pin and BOM cost reduction

Key features: 

✔ Exceeds IEC 62053-22 Classes 0.2s requirements

  • Active energy accuracy: < 0.1% error over 1/7000 range
  • ✔ Small area

    Only 1.4 mm² for a single phase in 40nm enabling optimized SoC

    ✔ Technical Features

    Rogowski coil support
    Programmable output data rate 4, 8, 16, 32ksps
    22/24-bit sigma/delta ADC
    Chopper stabilized PGA
    Optional ULP LDO, 32KHz OSC & RTC to achieve < 1µA RTC mode
    No input DC blocking capacitor required

    ✔ Optional Power & Energy Computation Engine

    Requiring a simple and low-computing process MCU SoC
    RTL based digital IP  enabling Flash-less power computation Algorithm

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