BAT – Analog & Digital Audio Platform  

Our fully flexible and application-optimized solution to enable high-fidelity audio and voice-control of IoT devices at low power cost

BAT is our audio platform for serving a wide range of fashionable applications such as Smart Speakers, Smart Headsets and ANC Earbuds and In-Vehicle Infotainment. It embeds ADC, DAC, audio digital filters, voice detection and key word spotting solutions.

BAT enables a seamless configuration and assembly of your high fidelity and low power audio device ensuring faster Time-To-Market with stronger market position.

BAT – Analog & Digital Audio Platform

At the crossroads of analog performances and digital adaptability : BAT

ANALOG making the interface between analog and digital worlds  very high fidelity

  • MEMS microphone and electret support
  • High electrical performances for accurate data recording and payback
  • Cap-less architecture to limit BoM impact

DIGITAL enabling powerful audio signal processing with soft flexibility

  • Digital microphone support
  • Hardware filters for optimum energy efficiency
  • Various features to adapt to application constraints
  • High configurability

BAT backbone

BAT backbone

Outstanding advantages


Speed-up your Time-To-Market

Streamlined SoC integration in days, not weeks
Standard interfaces and bridges
Pre-integrated in MCU subsystem CHAMELEON


Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Voice Activity Detection @ 8 µA
Low power @ 150 µA
Low operating voltage
KWS @ <100 µA


High Fidelity audio

ADC DR @ 106 dBA
ADC noise floor @ 3.8 µVrms
DAC SNR @ 120 dBA
VAD @ 100% detection


Application Optimized

Low latency for ANC
Phase synchronization for beamforming
Fast wake-up for VAD
High CMRR for automotive

Need to learn more about Voice Activity Detection (VAD) ?

Looking for a complete Audio SoC?

BAT platform is fully interoperable with SPIDER, CHAMELEON and PANTHER platforms to achieve best-in-class EE

Benefit of an easy-going audio subsystem including:

  • VAD for voice activation,
  • Audio ADC & DAC for listening to music and having calls,
  • MCU subsystem for wake-word and command recognition,
  • DSP processor for automatic speech recognition voice assistant support.

Enjoy an extended battery lifetime using our power management solutions:

  • Advanced low power techniques for ultimate energy efficiency
  • Coherent IP tailored for ultimate efficiency in all power modes

Download the white paper: Why VAD and what solution to choose?”

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