Aug 31, 2015

The board announces a change of top corporate management

In accordance with the announcement made on June 5, 2015, the board of directors has endorsed the decision to split the functions of chairman and of CEO; the CTO Gilles Depeyrot has been named as the latter.
Michel Depeyrot thus remains Chairman of the board, while, from this month of September 2015 on, Gilles Depeyrot performs the function of Dolphin Integration’s CEO.

Gilles Granier, Vice-Chairman of the board of directors, proclaims that "the board is eager to congratulate Michel Depeyrot for his long standing defense, in France, of the industry of design in Microelectronics, thanks to the choice of mixed signal design with ultra low-power consumption, more than ever properly positioned in the era of the Internet of Things."

Agnes Venet, CFO, acknowledges that "the accumulated experience and know-how over thirty years put us in the position admitted worldwide as the forerunners of the Digital Age with Virtual Components of Silicon IP – Intellectual Property! – which had taken to manage the convergence of Securities, Accounting and Tax administrations on a well thought-out model for the valuation of such innovations."

The Chairman, Michel Depeyrot highlights: "I had assigned to myself the managerial objective of transferring the helm after having founded all the key functions required for our specific trades, in order to ensure a healthy growth, especially on international markets. As for the unfavorable context for enterprises in which we have had to progress for 30 years, I appreciate that times are changing for the best about these French handicaps with the SME Pact balancing the relationships with large companies, with the rehabilitation of the value of work, and with the action of BPI-France to rationalize and help the funding of innovation. But the lasting presence of our company’s founders bears witness to our soundness."

Along this line, Jean-François Pollet, Sales Director for Integration Services, adds that "our company, as supplier of real custom integrated circuits, has reached an important presence on strategic markets as Defense and Aeronautics in Europe.
What is more, it contributes an activity mostly at export, and counts among its customers the world leaders in their respective domains, while it also continuously contributes to the evolution of the French micro-nano ecosystem, strongly inserted on the Grenoble substrate."
As Sales Director for the Supply Chain, Louis Zangara observes that "we must extend our offering of Foundry Portal to start-ups which proliferate in this Digital Age, but which cannot encumber themselves with the contingencies of fabrication management."

About Gilles Depeyrot

Gilles Depeyrot, 47 years old ENSIMAG Engineer, joined the company in 1997, has been CTO since 2011 after having launched his carreer at a supplier of services in the domain of design for Microelectronics.
Under his responsability, the entreprise shall pursue its opening to international business and its dynamism for innovation, as much in real and virtual components as in the services of intégration in Microelectronics, to loosen all the brakes to growth at its users.

For the board of directors, the chairman


Dolphin Integration’s identity

The company, created in 1985, is a technological leader, acknowledged worldwide, in the industry of design for Microelectronics with low-power consumption.
It capitalizes 30 years of R&D, protected by a score of patents and by proprietary EDA solutions, to commercialize new products, either standard or custom, for both consumer applications and sectors of industry and aeronautics.

It is headquartered in Meylan, in the Grenoble region, in Laval, Quebec and in Netanya, Israel. It counts about 200 employees, including 160 engineers and scientists.

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ISIN code: FR0004022754/ ALDOL – Bloomberg: ALDOL FP – Reuters: ALDOL.PA – ICB 9576. Semiconductors.
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