Dolphin Integration selects Infiniscale ICLys™ solutions for Memory process variability management

Mar 12, 2014

Dolphin Integration selects Infiniscale ICLys™ solutions for Memory process variability management

InfiniScale announced today that Dolphin Integration, a leading provider of power and density-optimized memory silicon IP, has selected the innovative ICLys™ solution for process variability analysis and reliability qualifications on SRAM memory designed in the latest TSMC 40 nm technologies.

ICLys™ is a major technology breakthrough able to analyze the impact of advanced process variability on memory designs and more generally on transistor level designs. ICLys provides a unique Fast Monte Carlo simulation that speeds up Brute Monte Carlo (MC) analysis up to 30X+ while guaranteeing the same accuracy. Its robust High-sigma analysis provides very fast and highly accurate yield estimation or allows to quickly identifying sample fails or design weaknesses during the bit-cell or memory design sign-off. The capability of ICLys™ to manage a huge number of parameters facilitates the analysis of both global and local device variations with environment parameters such as supply voltages or temperature.

“One of our selection criteria was the seamless interaction between ICLys™ and our mixed signal simulator SMASH™. Indeed, ICLys™ coupled with SMASH™ enables to improve not only the quality but also the speed of the yield verification for our memory architectures. Furthermore, SMASH™ unique features used together with the smart algorithm of ICLys™ enables improving the overall efficiency of the electrical validation and characterization flow of our libraries of memories and standard cells.” said Romain Verrier, growth unit development manager for libraries of standard cells and memories at Dolphin Integration.

“Dolphin Integration is one of the most advanced actors in memory silicon IP. We are proud by this commitment.” said Firas Mohamed founder and CEO of InfiniScale. “Today, Dolphin Integration adopts our solutions for advanced process variability management, which confirms Infiniscale’s leadership on that domain.”

ICLys™ offers a non-intrusive EDA tool for customer’s design flows, using designer’s own Golden transistor-level simulators and loading directly the process design kit and Spice-like Netlist without any changes. A very simple user interface allows an intuitive usage of the tool for an immediate benefit on design productivity, reliability and robustness. ICLys supports major Spice-like simulators used by most of worldwide IC designers.

With ICLys™, InfiniScale becomes the provider of innovative variability-aware design solutions for Memory, Analog and RF statistical analysis, generating major yield and reliability improvements on IP blocks and ICs.

About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration contribute to “enabling mixed signal Systems-on-Chip”. Their focus is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable kits of CMOS Virtual Components of Silicon IP, based on innovative libraries of standard cells, flexible registers and low-power memories. They provide high-resolution converters for audio and measurement, regulators for efficient power supply networks, application optimized micro-controllers.

They put emphasis on resilience to noise and drastic reductions of power-consumption at system level, thanks to their own EDA solutions missing on the market for Application Hardware Modeling as well as early Power and Noise assessment. In addition strong experiences in ASIC/SoC design and fabrication, plus privileged foundry portal even for small or medium volumes, make them a genuine one-stop shop covering all customers’ needs for specific requests.
For more information, visit www.dolphin-integration.com.

About InfiniScale SA

InfiniScale is a leading provider of innovative software solutions that address Analog & RF, IO and Memory process variability challenges and parametric yield optimization at aggressive technologies. Founded in 2005, the privately held company is headquartered in Grenoble, France, and has sales offices and representation in Europe, US and Asia. Please, visit InfiniScale online at www.infiniscale.com.

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