Mar 26, 2014

Dolphin Integration announce the availability of the TSMC sponsored sROMet and DpRAM generators at 90 nm LP eFlash

The high-density and low-power foundry-sponsored generators, sROMet PHOENIX and DpRAM ERIS (HVT and SVT), are now available in the eFlash process variant for the 90 nm node.

These products come to enrich the panoply of Dolphin Integration at 90 nm eF:


PHOENIX and ERIS are designed to reach the highest density and to offer low power consumption features.

  • Thanks to their proprietary bit cell, the ROM PHOENIX allows a gain up to 10% in density versus alternative solutions at 90 nm and to allow a drastic reduction of the power consumption thanks to its dual voltage capability.
  • The DpRAM allows ultra-low leakage thanks to its HVT bitcell.

This panoply for eFlash process is completed by a unique cache controller, which allows to upgrade to 3 times faster and 3 times lesser power consumption compared to a stand alone eFlash memory.

For performance data:

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