Mar 31, 2014


DOLPHIN INTEGRATION SA, an enterprise for the development of integrated circuits, announces that they meet all criteria for eligibility to the French PEA-PME (Stock Savings Account specialized in Small Business Enterprises) as specified in the enforcement decree of March 4 (decree Nr. 2014-283) for the application of article 70 of the law Nr. 2013-1278 of December 29, 2013.

Shares of DOLPHIN INTEGRATION may thus partake in an SBE Stock Savings Account, which – as a reminder – may benefit from the same tax deductions as the traditional Stock Savings Account (PEA).

This new savings account for European emitters must count 75% of shares from small and medium size companies, including half in stock, for an amount lesser than 75,000 Euros. Companies to be eligible must count less than 5,000 employees and a sales turnover below 1.5 billion Euro, or else a balance statement below 2 B€.

Market positioning

This enterprise of innovative design in microelectronics, founded in 1985, is an exporter of integrated circuits and of so-called virtual components, analog and digital, for high-volume fabrication. Their customers are spread over all continents.

The product catalog includes microprocessors, libraries of standard cells and of generators of embedded memories, converter components for measurement and for high-resolution sound-processing, together with Missing EDA Links.

The company also offers integration services for Systems-on-Chip (SoC), relying on an experience of soon 30 years in their crafts. They occupy a key position of lasting growth rate in this strategic and deverticalized industry of design for microelectronics.

Financial Situation

  • Historical Financial information and the latest yearly social and consolidated statements for the fiscal year closed on September 30, 2013 are to be found on

Pending publications

  • Sales turnover of the present six-month fiscal year: April 23, 2014
  • Financial result of the present six-month fiscal year: June 5, 2014

For the board of directors, the Executive Chairman.

About Dolphin Integration

The company occupies a key position with sustainable growth in the strategic and deverticalized industry of design for Microelectronics.

DOLPHIN Integration SA with social Capital of 1,344,520 € – – ISIN: FR0004022754/ ALDOL – Bloomberg: ALDOL FP – Reuters: ALDOL.PA – ICB 9576. Semiconductors.

Michel DEPEYROT, Executive Chairman –
ATOUT CAPITAL, Listing Sponsor,
Cedric BEUDIN, (33) 1 56 69 61 83 –

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