Jun 09, 2015

Dolphin Integration celebrates its 30th anniversary… A new wind is blowing on the enterprise ushering it to success over the next 30 years!

Dolphin Integration has celebrated its 30 years on June 4 at the Grenoble Bastille, the renowned stronghold, with its personnel, board directors and partners.
The ceremony started upon a speech presenting the corporate culture in view of the future challenges with reference to past successes. It continued with the awarding of prizes rewarding personnel for their fidelity, but also for their exceptional works contributing to the worldwide fame of the company, especially in terms of patents and technical publications. Finally, the ceremony turned into an animated evening around a cocktail for a festive party.

Dolphin Integration, already 30 years!

Dolphin Integration was founded on the 1st of May 1985 by Michel Depeyrot. The objective then was to provide services for the design of custom electronic circuits for industrial users. 30 years later, Dolphin Integration has developed an unequaled expertise with high added value in the domain of microelectronic design. It supplies today “virtual” components, commonly named Silicon IP, but also (EDA) solutions for circuit simulation, and still custom design services for prestigious customers worldwide.

Appointment of a new General Manager

A new wind is blowing over Dolphin Integration with the change of corporate management. In accordance with the by-laws, the board of directors has split the functions of Chairman and of CEO and has appointed to the latter Gilles Depeyrot, formerly technical director, to take effect during the summer months.

30 years, the opportunity to modernize the visual identity

Finally, this anniversary is the opportunity for Dolphin Integration to modernize its visual identity to make it more adequate for the image of a recent high-tech company, and to make it more visible while remaining recognizable among the giants of its sector.


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