The i8051 legacy extended with 32-bit RISC microcontrollers

Jun 08, 2015

The i8051 legacy extended with 32-bit RISC microcontrollers

Dolphin Integration is proud to announce the availability of its RISC-351 Zephyr microcontroller. It enables 80×51 users to benefit from 32-bit microcontroller performances while leveraging the i51 legacy of peripherals and software.

The number of applications which require high processing power with low power consumption is on a sharp rise. A number of contenders claim to offer an easy migration toward incompatible architectures while the Dolphin Integration announcement grants a smooth evolution from i51 to RISC-351.

These issues are addressed by providing an optional reduction of the instruction set enabling 1 DMIPS/MHz. At the time when low power consumption is critical the yardstick of 1 DMIPS/MHz enables such an increase of performance that the frequency can be significantly reduced.

  • The RISC-351 preserves 75 % of the instructions from the 80×51 family
  • The same peripheral access bus (SFR) with the same memory mappings enable the reuse of 8051 and 80251 peripherals at no cost
  • A guided import of existing 8051 application programs into the new Integrated Development Environment SmartVision™ including its compiler SmartCC


Why evolve to Zephyr?


RISC-351 Zephyr also reduces Time-to-market by increasing the debugging swiftness for application software thanks to its state-of-the-art IDE SmartVision™ enabling custom peripheral modeling. The new Built-In Real time Debugger enables a comprehensive Virtual Prototyping and advanced emulation features.

Do not hesitate to request the evaluation kit of Zephyr by contacting microcontrollers@dolphin-ip.com

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