Apr 09, 2018

Dolphin Integration announces the increase of its sales turnover at the closing of its fiscal year F-18

The Board of Directors, meeting to acknowledge the situation of the company as of March 31st, on the closing date of its fiscal year 2018, but with the usual imprecision pending the audit of accounts, communicates the corporate Revenues:
the sales turnover reaches € 17.5 M, up 16% compared to last year (€ 15 M).

The share of Revenues corresponding to products, whether virtual or real, has increased from 86% last year to 96%.
These Revenues include license sales, royalties, SoC Integration services leading to the sale of circuits, as well as the sales of circuits already in volume fabrication.
This sharp increase reflects the desired inflection for product sales, which is driving sustainable growth for the company.

On this basis, the Board mandates the management team assembled by the CEO to finalize the new five-year plan within two weeks, given the new perspectives and new challenges of the microelectronics market, as presented to it.

For the board of directors, the Chairman

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