May 04, 2018

eWBM selects Dolphin Integration’s Single port SRAM and thick oxide standard cell library at GF 55 LPx

eWBM, a leading security SoC company in Korea, has selected Dolphin Integration’s Single port SRAM and Thick Oxide Standard Cell library for its secure IoT device at GlobalFoundries 55 LPx.

The Single port RAM compiler, called “RHEA“, allows savings of up to 20% and 50% respectively in silicon area and dynamic power consumption, compared to alternative solutions currently available. It can generate instances from 256 bits to 327 kbits and can be downloaded for evaluation on MyDolphin.

The Thick Oxyde Standard Cell library, called “SESAME BiV”, is 7 times denser than Standard Cell library using HVT MOS combined with a voltage regulator. It is also available for evaluation on MyDolphin.

Access to the evaluation of Rhea, GlobalFoundries 55 LPx compiler

About eWBM

eWBM Co, Ltd., a system on chip (SoC) solution company, specializes in providing hardware-based low power security chips and related solutions which are optimized for IoT applications. The next generation security SoC chip, called MS1200, is introduced. Designed with a complete root-of-trust HSM, the IoT security SoC chip provides industry’s highest level of security to be used in variety of markets such as LoRa, NB-IoT, FIDO, secure IP camera, industrials, and smart home applications. The brand-new chip is equipped with hardware-based strong cipher algorithms such as RSA, ECC, AES, and SHA as well as governmental standards such as ARIA (Korea) and SM (China). The chip supports the ultra-low power deep sleep mode that is optimized for battery powered IoT applications. Powered by the hardware-based security SoC, the company also provides security solutions in the applications of FIDO U2F/UAF, smart metering, smart homes, security IP cameras, etc. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Seoul, South Korea. For more information, visit

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