HiTrend selects Dolphin Integration’s cache controller for its next generation of smart energy metering chips

Mar 19, 2018

HiTrend selects Dolphin Integration’s cache controller for its next generation of smart energy metering chips

Smart grid for energy management in smart cities represents a new challenge for electrical providers. The growing demand in managing and controlling energy consumption requires innovative equipment with advanced metering, grid control technics and asset monitoring.

HiTrend leads the domestic smart meter IC industry with its analog and digital technologies. It created a series of energy metering IC products, as well as power line carrier communication IC products. Its Energy Metering ICs are based on Cortex-M0 ARM micro controller with Flash/SRAM memories.
To achieve performance and low power, HiTrend has opted to combine the Cortex-M0 with Dolphin Integration’s R-STRATUS-LP cache controller.

 The Dolphin Integration R-Stratus-LP cache controller is THE new generation of cache controller for MCU applications. It provides the twofold advantage of improving speed and minimizing power consumption. Speed is improved by up to 11 times and power is reduced by 14 times whenever the application program is stored in a NVM (Non Volatile Memories) such as eFlash or EEPROM. It supports straightforward connection such as AHB-lite interface and standard interface for TAG and cache memories, thus improving portability across a wide range of process technologies.

“The choice of the Dolphin Integration’s cache controller for our SoC was an excellent trade-off between price, performance and low power consumption compared to other offers such as ARM. We are highly confident for the integration phase, which is simplified by the support of standard interfaces. The innovative self-adaptive module, dynamically upgrading cache configuration according to the executed program, is very helpful in targeting very low power applications that require performance.” said Xingmin Sale Manager at HiTrend.

Learn more about our R-STRATUS-LP cache controller

About HiTrend
HiTrend Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “HiTrend” or “the Company”), incorporated in May 2005, is a high-technology company that designs, develops and markets integrated circuit products, including smart energy metering chips, system-on-chips (SoCs), Power Line Communication chips. It provides related technical consultation and service for its customers (manufacturers, brand owners and distributors). HiTrend’s headquarter is based in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai.
HiTrend’s core team from the both sides of the Taiwan Straits has accumulated more than 10 years experience in IC design since its establishment, and focused on microelectronic chip technology and the application of Smart Meter related products. With its advanced technology and experience in R&D, HiTrend has successfully launched a series of international-standard product solutions, which are high-performance, high-quality, mature and stable. The solutions covered from single-phase, three-phase energy metering, and SOC, which are very popular in market, and bring us a leading position in domestic market.
HiTrend has kept a rapid growth since its establishment. Further, the Company always adheres to technology innovation and treats talents as the most important cornerstone. With continuous efforts in technology and market, and efficient integration of our superior resources, HiTrend has committed to raise its leading position in China, further all over the world, in the fields of chips for Smart Grid terminal devices and other industrial application chips.
Website : www.hitrendtech.com

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