Sep 17, 2010

DOLPHIN Integration and TexEDA Design announce their cooperation, delivering a complete and attractive EDA flow embedding SMASH as LaySim into LayTools

Dolphin Integration SA and TexEDA Design Inc announce today that their EDA solutions for logic & mixed-signal simulation, and for custom integrated circuit design, have been closely coupled and bundled to enable a complete and consistent flow. LaySim is offered within the LayTools IC design suite, as either a comprehensive device-level simulator (Spice compatible) or as a mixed-mode solution, adding Verilog-HDL structural and behavioral support. LaySim is powered by the renowned SMASH™ kernel developed by Dolphin Integration.

TexEDA and Dolphin Integration are long-term partners. The two teams have worked together for many years, principally for the promotion and distribution of SMASH.

This relationship recently became tighter, prompted by a mutual desire to integrate the companies’ high quality solutions to yield a comprehensive route to accurate logic, analog and mixed-signal IC design. This cooperation results in an attractive system for a complete design flow, technically competitive with other high-end products available on the market, while providing unique productivity-enhancing features, but at a price-point such to make it THE reference design flow for engineering teams of any size!

With an open exchange of technical data and a combined vision, both companies commit to continue building on the significant advances that have already been made, and to marry their individual areas of expertise for providing users with the tightest interfaces between circuit design and implementation modules.
Of course, as a firm foundation for this mutual representation, the partnership aims to provide a support response second to none!

Pricing and Availability

LayTools is available identically under Windows and Linux. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact John Campbell at TexEDA Design Inc (
SMASH, as a stand-alone simulation tool, is available identically under Windows and Linux. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact Dolphin Integration (

About TexEDA Design Inc

The TexEDA companies develop and distribute software aimed at the development of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (IC’s). The fully integrated product portfolio includes applications for schematic capture, net-listing, simulation, layout editing and physical verification. These mature products, referred to collectively as LayTools, have been used successfully worldwide within the IC design industry for many years. TexEDA software was formerly developed and maintained by Catena Software and distributed by Matricus Inc. These two enterprises, with services to the IC design industry which go back over twenty years, have restructured under one name, linking the expertise and experience of robust software development with an intimate knowledge of the needs of IC development engineers.

TexEDA services its international client base from its headquarters in Lewisville, Texas.

Media Contact:

John Campbell


+1 972 221 1614

About DOLPHIN Integration SA

Dolphin Integration ( is up to their charter as the most adaptive and lasting creator in the Microelectronics Design Industry to “enable mixed signal Systems-on-Chip”. It stars a quality management stimulating reactivity for innovation as well as independence and partnerships with Foundries. Their current mission is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components. The strategy is to follow product launches with evolutions addressing future needs, emphasizing resilience to noise and drastic reductions of power-consumption at SoC level, thanks to their own EDA solutions enabling Integration Hardware Modeling (IHM) and Application Hardware Modeling (AHM) as well as early Power and Noise assessment, plus engineering assistance for Risk Control.

Media Contact:

Lucile Rey de Nardo

EDA Worldwide Sales Animator

+33 476 417 420

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