DOLPHIN Integration and Infolytica Corporation enable mechatronic system simulation using MagNet and MotorSolve coupled with SMASH

DOLPHIN Integration SA and Infolytica Corporation announce today that their solutions for mixed signal simulation and electromagnetic field simulation can now work together to perform powerful mechatronic system simulation. SMASH, from DOLPHIN Integration, can directly simulate response surface models of electric motors generated in VHDL-AMS by MagNet or MotorSolve, from Infolytica, and can perform a system level simulation of both the device and the control circuitry.

The multilingual and mixed-signal simulator SMASH “All-in-One” is an EDA must for hierarchical SoC Integration, with patented features for DfY, and the most extensive VHDL-AMS language compliance. It serves as the cornerstone for the Virtual Fab Process enabling ViC and SoC Right-on-First-Pass Silicon.

Infolytica Corporation offers several electric motor and electromagnetic design software solutions. The company’s MagNet and MotorSolve software can be used to generate response surface models of various motor types in VHDL-AMS.

Designing mechatronic systems requires understanding the significant interactions between the electromechanical components and the analog or digital electronics. The VHDL-AMS models are functionally equivalent to the original MagNet or MotorSolve models, but they can be evaluated extremely quickly in a transient circuit simulation. The files can be integrated into a circuit description in SMASH to perform a simulation taking into account the interactions between the machine and control circuitry.

“Addressing the domain of magnetic models is a huge step forward for our users in the automotive industry, who are more and more often faced with the tricky mixing of magnetic, mechanical and, of course, electrical models” said Thierry Villard, EDA Sales Director at Dolphin Integration. He continued on to say this work “represents recognition of the performances of our mixed-signal simulator SMASH in terms of VHDL-AMS language compliance and simulation speed.”

Pricing and Availability

MagNet v7 and MotorSolve v2, with their VHDL-AMS export capabilities, are now available for PC’s running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact an Infolytica Corporation representative nearest you.

SMASH is available identically under Windows and Linux. For information regarding pricing or to request an evaluation, please contact Dolphin Integration (

About Infolytica Corporation

Since 1978, Infolytica offers state-of-the-art CAE software for magnetic, electric, and thermal analyses. Engineers from a wide range of industries use Infolytica software to design and analyze applications such as electromechanical devices, non-destructive testing (NDT), induction heating, power electronics, sensors, and industrial transformers.

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About DOLPHIN Integration SA

Dolphin Integration is up to their charter as the most adaptive and lasting creator in the Microelectronics Design Industry to “enable mixed signal Systems-on-Chip”. It stars a quality management stimulating reactivity for innovation and foundry independence. Their current mission is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components. The strategy is to follow product launches with evolutions addressing future needs, emphasizing resilience to noise and drastic reductions of power-consumption at SoC level, thanks to their own missing EDA solutions enabling Application Hardware Modeling (AHM) as well as early Power and Noise assessment, plus engineering assistance for Risk Control.

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