The fastest C-Compiler for i251 is now available with our free discovery license!

Jul 07, 2017

The fastest C-Compiler for i251 is now available with our free discovery license!

Boost your system embedding an i251 code-compatible CPU through a mere compilation of your existing application program!

Dolphin Integration blows a fresh air in the i251 software ecosystem with SmartVision™ IDE, now imbedding a C-compiler using the leading-edge technologies from LLVM / Clang. This state-of-the-art C-compiler significantly improves speed and power consumption of any i80251-based application. It boosts the most cost-effective CPU, which offers unprecedent speed and power consumption, proving once more that upgrading to a 32-bit CPU is not the best solution.

Key benefits of SmartVision™ IDE for i80251-based applications:

  • Enhanced code enabling to execute an application program faster or to reduce its power consumption
  • Reduced number of memory accesses enabling to reduce power consumption
  • Most expressive warning messages to develop faster C programs
  • Advanced debugging features with Breakpoint Composer, a graphic interface to intuitively design complex breakpoints
  • FreeRTOS operating system
  • Full support of up-to-date C standards
  • Library of optimized standard C functions SmartLib™ updated for i80251
  • Free discovery license without any functional limitation

Note that all the required usually called “standard” features are of course available: code coverage, profiling, memory viewing, variables representation, etc.

The user-friendly debug interface and the unique system modeling capabilities of SmartVision IDE, providing for instance the capability to model and to estimate the power consumption of the system, provide unprecedent capability to develop faster and more safely an application program. Furthermore, the support of FreeRTOS operating system also comes natively within SmartVision™ and debugging thanks to brand-new features, has never been simpler with an RTOS.

The Breakpoint Composer is among these brand-new features which enable to design breakpoints that capture complex behaviors of a system. Its intuitive graphical interface, allows to easily implement complex checks such as:

  • Real-time constraint verifications
  • System properties for safety related issues

The free discovery license grants, during six months, an unlimited access to all features of SmartVision™ for i251, including Dolphin Integration’s Built-In Real-time Debugging (BIRD).

SmartVision™ is provided with detailed tutorials and application notes to ease the migration from any old-fashioned IDE.

Download now SmartVision™ IDE


For further information, please visit our i51 Development Tools page.

Breaking news: SmartVision™ IDE will be upgraded soon to support of 32-bit RISC-V cores.

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