Sep 10, 2018

New Power Management IP Solution from Dolphin Integration can dramatically increase SoC Energy Efficiency
Eric Esteve (PhD) Analyst, Owner IPnest

This Position Paper describes a family of Power Management IP solutions integrated by Dolphin Integration customers into their SoC to drastically improve Energy Efficiency (EE).

SoC performance metric is changing, moving from pure performance metric (GHz or MIPS) to performance efficiency and minimum power consumption. This new metric, already crucial for IoT or mobile devices, is becoming key in various applications, like automotive, embedded or space.
This paper will show that a SoC design team may leverage Silicon IP to implement complex power management and can greatly benefit from technical support given by experienced engineers to improve time-to-market (TTM) and project development cost.

This paper was prepared by IPnest and sponsored by Dolphin Integration, but the opinions and analysis are those of the author.

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