Jun 11, 2019


As a result of the judgment of 21 August 2018 in favor of adopting a plan for the total divestiture of DOLPHIN INTEGRATION SA’s Assets and Trade Fund, with the preservation of all job positions, a judicial procedure had been implemented by a foreign minority shareholder for the purpose of challenging the judgment authorizing the transfer of the enterprise.

After this minority shareholder was dismissed by the Tribunal of Commerce of Grenoble, in its judgment of December,18 2018, the Grenoble Court of Appeal, by a judgment delivered on June 6, 2019, upheld the position of the trial judge and (i) rejected the request for a third party’s opposition-annulation lodged against the judgment of the Grenoble Commercial Court of August 21, 2018, (ii) dismissed the request for the transmission of a priority question of constitutionality and (iii) sentenced the minority shareholder to pay the company and the two defendant companies the sum of EUR 8,000 each, pursuant to the provisions of article 700 of the code of civil procedure.

It should be noted that another procedure was initiated in the merits before the Grenoble Tribunal Commerce, by the same foreign minority shareholder, by deed of December 27, 2018, for the purpose of obtaining the nullity of the deed of transfer of the Trade Fund and the Assets of DOLPHIN INTEGRATION SA. The hearing is scheduled 8 November 8, 2019.

To this day, no resumption of the listing of DOLPHIN INTEGRATION SA shares is contemplated.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the company shall communicate any new stage of the procedure.

For the board of directors, the Chairman

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