INGChips selects Dolphin Integration’s Power Management IP Platform for its ultra Low Power Bluetooth Low-Energy SoC in 40 nm eFlash

May 20, 2019

INGChips selects Dolphin Integration’s Power Management IP Platform for its ultra Low Power Bluetooth Low-Energy SoC in 40 nm eFlash

Dolphin Integration, a leading provider of semiconductor IP, announced today that INGChips, a fabless semiconductor company that focuses on ultra low power IoT wireless SoC, has selected Dolphin Integration’s comprehensive set of Power Management IPs for INGChips’ Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) SoC in 40 nm with embedded Flash memory. Leveraging Dolphin Integration’s unique modular IP platform approach enables INGChips to effectively achieve targeted levels of energy efficiency while minimizing costs.

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SoC designers must implement advanced low-power design techniques in order to meet the demanding power consumption targets of IoT devices. Therefore, the architecture of the Power Management Network represents a critical step in optimizing energy efficiency while both minimizing silicon area and reducing BoM costs.

Dolphin Integration’s comprehensive Power Management IP platform of Dolphin Integration offers an ideal solution given its instrinsic energy efficient IPs for power regulation, power gating, voltage monitoring and power control. The unique modular approach of this IP platform allows designers to achieve their target level of energy efficiency in each power mode.

“We selected Dolphin Integration’s power management IP platform for their unique set of silicon proven Power Management IPs which star a combo voltage regulator, the RAR. This combo voltage regulator is solving at once our challenge of ultra-low power in sleep mode, of high-efficiency in active mode together with a fast transition between power modes. All these three dimensions of energy-efficiency are pivotal for designing a BLE chip,” said Zhiping Wang, CEO at INGChips.

“The expertise of Dolphin Integration’s Field Application Engineers was instrumental in helping us identify the optimal power network architecture and selecting the relevant set of silicon IPs to build this architecture. Dolphin Integration is the perfect one-stop shop for power management IP solutions with an in-depth low power expertise to help IoT chip makers achieve energy efficient designs,” said Zhiping Wang.

“We are pleased to have INGChips adopting our Power Management IP Platform for their next BLE chip in 40 nm,” aid Zhao Ying, Dolphin Integration Sales Director for China.“Our solutions are enabling IoT companies like INGChips to achieve their energy efficiency targets at minimal silicon area and BoM costs, while minimizing design efforts and risks.”

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About INGChips

INGChips is a fabless semiconductor company founded in 2017, the company is focused on ultra low power IoT wireless SoC. The founder and the team are from famous leading IC companies. The core members all have 10+ yeares experience in mixed signal SoC products, totally 20+ successful mass production records. INGChips is targeting to be a leading fabless design house in smart hardware and low-power IoT industry.

The current product ING918XX is an ultra low power highly integrated BLE5.1 SoC chip. All BLE 5.0 features are supported, including LE 2Mbps data rate, Long Range and LE Advertising Extension. Also support Randomized Primary Advertising Channels and AoA positioning of BLE 5.1 features. More information is available at: http://www.ingchips.com

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