New generation of extremely dense audio CODECs for application processors at 28 nm and 16 nm

Jan 04, 2016

New generation of extremely dense audio CODECs for application processors at 28 nm and 16 nm

Dolphin Integration rolls-out its new generation of pure-logic Audio CODECs, representing THE cost-effective solution for advanced processes such as 28 nm and 16 nm. Targeting a silicon area as low as 0.06 mm2 at 28 nm for the sCODi-N1-DS.01, using SESAME uHD standard cells, a new prowess has been achieved for meeting market challenges.

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It features a PDM to PCM conversion for microphone acquisition and either PCM to PWM output or PCM to PDM output depending on the application needs. This generation of stereo Audio CODEC is also provided with a large set of options enabling the user to build an optimized solution.

The sCODi-MT1-DS.01 (with PWM output) and the sCODi-N1-DS.01 (with PDM output) achieve outstanding SNR performances, as high as 100 dB on the acquisition path (PDM to PCM) and 105 dB on the emission path (PCM to PWM/PDM).

Key features

  • Multi-channel capabilities with embedded synchronization and audio phase alignment
  • Support of multi-mode digital microphones
  • 8-bit looped pattern generation to control external amplifiers
  • Anti Pop-up Noise control signal
  • Spread-spectrum feature for safe integration with RF transceivers
  • Optional delivery with a voice trigger enabling the detection of the presence of voice to wake-up the rest of the SoC
  • Full logic design, enabling test cost savings thanks to pure logic SCAN test

These new products are delivered with a set of application schematics enabling the user to assemble an optimized solution for the targeted performances while guaranteeing the lowest BoM cost. Their flexibilities enable supporting a large set of output peripherals, such as:

  • Sound amplifiers with analog inputs
  • Sound amplifiers with digital inputs
  • Line output (up to 6 Vrms)
  • 16/32/50 Ω headphones


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