A decisive second semester to be closed on march 31 shall make Dolphin Integration’s results

Dec 18, 2015

A decisive second semester to be closed on march 31 shall make Dolphin Integration’s results

For its mid-year status on September 30, 2015, the company presents a negative operating result of 787 k€, but positive of 188 k€ after Tax credit, and a slightly negative Gross Cash Flow of 166 k€. The enterprise’s capability to broaden its market to new customers has already enabled to partially compensate the brutal impact of the drop of the oil price.
As for the sales turnover, the Order Portfolio forecast that the second semester will contribute the expected bounce to reach the objective of yearly growth.

In k€, non-audited consolidated accounts Semester ended on 30/09/15 Semester ended on 30/09/14 Year ended on
Total Capital 14,736 14,126 14,942
Consolidated Sales Turnover 6,794 7,395 14,917
Operating Earnings (787) 273 (54)
Financial Earnings (87) (53) (154)
Current Earnings of integrated subsidiaries (874) 220 (207)
Exceptional Earnings 133 (236) (290)
Taxes on Profits incl. Research Tax Credit 754 686 1,934
Net Earnings (part of the Group) 13 671 1,437
Net Gearing 37.1% 23.9% 38.0%
Cash position 421 321 401
Net Margin 0.2% 9.1% 9.6%
Gross Cash Flow (166) 480 1,241
Net base Earnings per share (in €) 0.01 0.50 1.07

Complete information on the financial statements is available on the web-site of the company www.dolphin.fr and on that of Euronext www.euronext.com


Situation and financial perspectives
This tense context has not enabled the company to finalize the reimbursement of mature debts (suppliers’ delays of 400 k€ and social dues of 700 k€ on the date of closing the present statements), but it is compensated with its right to the Research Tax Credit 2015 estimated at 1.9 M€, to be cashed-in in June 2016.
The company’s capability to achieve its recovery remains of course dependent on its performance to accomplish its business plan for the current year, which today is secure at 87% by the order portfolio executable before fiscal year-end.


For the board of directors, the chairman


Dolphin Integration’s identity

The company, created in 1985, is a technological leader, acknowledged worldwide, in the industry of design for Microelectronics with low-power consumption.
It capitalizes 30 years of R&D, protected by a score of patents and by proprietary EDA solutions, to commercialize new products, either standard or custom, for both consumer applications and sectors of industry and aeronautics.

It is headquartered in Meylan, in the Grenoble region, in Laval, Quebec and in Netanya, Israel. It counts about 200 employees, including 160 engineers and scientists. www.dolphin.fr

Listed on Alternext since 2007.
ISIN code: FR0004022754/ ALDOL – Bloomberg: ALDOL FP – Reuters: ALDOL.PA – ICB 9576. Semiconductors.
Contact: Michel DEPEYROT, Executive Chairman – myd@dolphin.fr

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