New Capless Regulator dedicated to low-power operation required by IoT applications

Oct 26, 2015

New Capless Regulator dedicated to low-power operation required by IoT applications

Dolphin Integration is pleased to announce the launch of its ultra-low quiescent-current linear regulator dedicated to supplying Always-on power domains.

The growing IoT market induces very specific “must have” features for smart and connected devices: they operate most of the time in sleep mode, during which only the always-on part of the circuit is still active, and they are battery-powered. The challenge for SoC designers is therefore to reduce the power consumption in sleep mode, in order to extend battery life, which implies optimizing jointly always-on blocks and the voltage regulator required to supply them.

The qLR-Della-AON, compliant with the DELTA standard, fulfills the need for an ultra-low power linear regulator designed for supplying always-on domains. Its wide output voltage range enables supplying ultra-low voltage loads, down to 0.55 V, to achieve the lowest power consumption in sleep mode.

Key Features

  • Ultra-low quiescent current (150 nA)
  • Maximum Output current of 1 mA
  • 0.55 to 3.3 V programmable output voltage
  • Capless linear regulator (no off-chip capacitor needed) for reduced BoM cost
  • Provided with load transient template and abacus to ensure proper matching between the regulator and its load
  • Complemented with an Over-voltage Protection Module (OPM) enabling to support a [1.9 V – 4.4 V] input voltage range for direct connection to a Li-Ion battery.

Several architectures to optimize leakage

The qLR-Della-AON can be provided either as a stand-alone regulator or integrated into a Retention Alternating Regulator (RAR) to provide a plug-and-play regulation solution optimized for both active and sleep modes.
The qLR-Della-AON has been designed to be combined with the SESAME eLV library which enables operating always-on logic down to the minimum retention voltage (e.g. 0.55 V at 55 uLP processes) so as to provide the best solution to implement and supply ultra-low power always-on blocks.

Overall SoC power consumption minimization

Overall SoC power consumption minimization


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