Mar 01, 2021

Introducing our new Audio CODEC for TWS devices with ANC capabilities

Grenoble, France
– March 1st , 2021

Discover our new high-fidelity, ultra-low power audio CODEC designed for TWS applications with ANC capabilities.

As pioneer in highly energy-efficient Audio IP for IoT, we are now enabling a new horizon of possibilities for fabless companies and system makers. Our new audio CODEC features outstanding audio performances while keeping power consumption at very low levels making it THE solution for the next-generation of TWS devices.

Our audio CODEC includes:

  • 24-bit delta-sigma ADC and DAC for state-of-the-art audio performances
  • 3 input channels for ultra-low power analog microphones
  • 1 stereo output channel with embedded headphone driver
  • A complete set of configurable digital filters compatible with Active Noise Cancellation requirements.

It brings ultimate differentiators for TWS devices:

  • Reduced weight and size of devices, with capless architectures that minimize BoM costs
  • Extension of the battery lifetime to unrivalled duration using its disruptive analog Voice Activity Detection solution for always-listening application use cases.

It can be configured to work either for wake-up work or voice command recognition or for full performances in audio recording and playback.

All this flexibility, combined with multiple operating modes, makes it ideal for TWS and other ultra-low power applications.

This new audio CODEC is now available off-the-shelf for easy integration within your SoC and has already passed the tape-out steps in two major foundry processes. 

Check out the performances of this new audio CODEC with this configuration example in 22 nm.

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