Sep 21, 2005

From chip to system design using a co-verification environment
Embedded Control Europe Magazine
D.Maure, L.M.Voßkämper

The field of mechatronics encompasses all applications where electrical, electro-mechanical and pure mechanical elements are applied to build up a system with a required functionality. For rapid and reasonably priced development, it is an absolute necessity, along with the construction of prototypes, to simulate all involved components commonly in an efficient way. This is a sharp departure from PCB design practice. Dolphin Integration thus provides designers with models of elementary mechanical elements as an addition to the electronic devices of the library DIADEM. The included mechan- ical elements form the basis for modeling whole mechatronic applications. The library EMBLEM contains generic models of devices from various application fields of mechanics, electro-mechanics and power electronics.

A semi-active car wheel suspension system is presented in the following, to enable control of damping of the car as a function of the information provided by a sensor system. The whole suspension system contains a MEMS (micro electro mechanical system, here a capacitive acceleration sensor system), macro mechanics (car body) and a 8051-based controller circuit as an example for the modeling and simulation of mechatronic applications…

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