EMCoS and Dolphin Integration announce easy to use VHDL-AMS for EMC and Signal Integrity simulation thanks to the bundling of EMC Studio and SMASH

Aug 18, 2008

EMCoS and Dolphin Integration announce easy to use VHDL-AMS for EMC and Signal Integrity simulation thanks to the bundling of EMC Studio and SMASH

MCoS, a leading provider of simulation software for electromagnetic problems and data visualization, and DOLPHIN Integration, creator of the multi-domain and multi-level simulator SMASH with its renowned VHDL-AMS compliance, announce their solution for EMC and Signal Integrity simulation in automotive electronics applications.

Efficient model data exchange is key to a successful simulation process. Standardized data formats are essential for this purpose. VHDL-AMS has become the most important specification language for models, especially in the automotive industry.

Signal Integrity and EMC communities in particular have widely adopted VHDL-AMS for simulation – and many are already users of EMC Studio. Providing a link to the circuit simulator SMASH in EMC Studio enables users to mix transmission line and field simulations with VHDL-AMS-specified devices.

With this solution, models of any micro electronic system, power electronic circuit or electrical motor represented in SMASH can be connected with EMC Studio, which takes into account the Signal Integrity or EMC effects occurring on PCB or in cable harnesses. System behavior including the interactions between the electronic and electric peripheral components can be simulated.
Both companies look forward to a continued partnership in this crucial and expanding segment of the market.

About EMCoS

EMCoS was founded as a spin-off of scientists of the Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics of the Tbilisi State University of Georgia. The Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics has more than 20 years of experience in the field of data visualization and simulation of electromagnetic problems. In the beginning the projects of the Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics were mainly related to complex military systems. In the last 10 years the fields of interest were supplemented with many other projects. Main focus today is on simulation of automotive systems. Calculation of Signal Integrity in bus systems, field coupling, or radiation of complex cable harness systems, and complex antenna systems in automobiles are examples for EMCoS software applications.


About Dolphin Integration

Founded in 1985, DOLPHIN Integration is a lasting actor of the ever-changing design industry in Microelectronics, deeply involved in the process of its accelerating deverticalization. As the “Enabler of Mixed Signal Systems-on-Chip”, they not only contribute the most complete multi-lingual simulator, SMASH starring VHDL-AMS, but also provide the crucial IP methods and Virtual Components, for high-performance hierarchical design.

SMASH Overview

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