Air Semiconductor and Dolphin Integration enable next generation GPS solutions

Jul 14, 2008

Air Semiconductor and Dolphin Integration enable next generation GPS solutions

Dolphin Integration, a leading embedded memories supplier, has announced the selection by Air Semiconductor of its latest RAM’s and ROM’s.

Until now, the development of GPS applications within portable devices has been limited due to high power consumption. With its breakthrough GPS solution, Air Semiconductor will allow application providers to target portable devices such as cellphones. The extremely low power consumption of Dolphin’s memory within any SoC will enable Air to provide end-users with continuous and instant location tracking, facilitating the development of new proactive applications and services.

Dolphin Integration’s low-power memories, in both operating and static modes, meet with Air’s performance requirements and are both reliable and robust. David Tester, Co-founder and CTO of Air Semiconductor explained, “Dolphin’s memories satisfy our demanding requirements for ultra low power and we are pleased to engage with Dolphin for provision of both RAM and ROM. The integration of its solutions will help us to deliver our revolutionary technology which I am sure will change the face of consumer GPS applications in the very near future.”

Dolphin Integrated has optimised its URANUS and PHOENIX memory architectures to fulfill market expectations for saving power. Air Semiconductor has implemented the LP variant which is best for both dynamic and static consumption. In order to protect users against any risk resulting from squeezed read margins, these memory architectures guarantee fabrication yield with a read margin of more than 10% of the effective power supply.

Jean-Francois Pollet, CIO at Dolphin Integration commented, “Reducing memory power consumption can be very tricky. Some companies expect SoC designers to independently define the read margin for minimising power consumption of their memories in order to improve speed. At Dolphin Integrated our policy is to optimise memory architectures and take full responsibility for ensuring the best memory performances so that designers don’t waste time on the complex issue of read margins.”

He continued, “No other memory provider is so explicit about the read margin of its memories. If you ask other suppliers about the read margin of their memories they will resort to the currently infamous “silicon-proven” argument. The real issue is that read margin has direct effects on fabrication yield not seen on silicon proofs. Furthermore, as some memory suppliers now enable SoC designers to tweak the read margin, the critical trade-off between yield and performance is left in the hands of unaware memory users.”

Dolphin Integration’s new generation of low-power memories also enables a proprietary power saving mode which allows power consumption to be cut. This is achieved by using a data retention mode. The data retention leakage current of a RAM of 4kx32 (128 kbit) in a generic process, is as low as 2.12 uA at 130nm.

About Air Semiconductor

Air Semiconductor is developing a breakthrough technology which will allow battery operated devices to be continuously aware of their location. Air’s technology delivers the lowest power GPS solution for all kinds of battery operated, mobile devices including cellphones, digital cameras and laptops, enabling proactive, next generation location services and providing extensive benefits for end-users. Founded in 2006, Air is a fabless semiconductor company located in Swindon, UK and the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.

About Dolphin Integration

Dolphin Integration is up to their charter as the most adaptive creator in Microelectronics to “enable mixed signal Systems-on-Chip”, with a quality management stimulating reactivity for innovation.

Their current mission is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high-yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components, resilient to noise and drastic for low power-consumption, together with engineering assistance and product evolutions customized to their needs.

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