Jun 30, 2016

Dolphin Integration’s asynchronous standard cell libraries, developed in the frame of LISA Project
Univ. Grenoble Alpes, TIMA Laboratory

High-level synthesis for event-based systems

Second International Conference on Event-Based Control, Communications, and Signal Processing (EBCCSP 2016), Jun 2016, Krakow, Poland.

This paper envisions a design flow for empowering
designers in the fast development of low-power event-driven
processing chains. This flow takes advantage of level-crossing
sampling schemes and asynchronous circuitry. Event-driven
paradigm allows better-than-worst-case performance during periods
of high-activity of the captured signal as well as a natural
stand-by during low-activity periods. The proposed flow uses the
specific knowledge of the targeted application and its signals, and
a high-level description of the processing algorithm to synthesize
a dedicated analog-to-digital converter, which performs the levelcrossing
sampling, and a digital signal processing unit. The latter
is synthesized thanks to a high-level synthesis algorithm following
a control/datapath decomposition style. The asynchronous control
part is based on distributed asynchronous controllers while the
datapath remains similar to a synchronous datapath.

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