Do not miss the Green Thursday offering for ultra Low-Power SoCs at 55 nm…

Leading-edge More-Than-Moore process variants at 55 nm for the challenges of IoT and wearable devices deserve equally state-of-the-art low power design methodologies: it involves Silicon IPs for embedding the Power Regulation Network and for the SoC Mode Control Network, together with the transfer of know-how to ensure a safe and smooth design-in.

Designers of low-power SoCs targeting 55 nm are proposed two self-contained kits of Silicon IPs, with design methodologies, at a very attractive price up until the Green Thursday, June 30. Each kit is tailored to a major SoC challenge:

  1. For SoCs mostly in sleep mode: Power Regulation & Control Network kit
  2. For high duty-cycle SoCs: Voltage Regulation Network kit


Request a “Green Thursday” quote valid until June 30, 2016

Request for quote at SMIC 55 nm Request for quote at TSMC 55 nm


Such kits may be complemented with Foundation, Fabric and Feature IPs – such as standard cell libraries, memory generators, WhisperTrigger voice activity detector, uLP oscillators… – to combine the best power consumption, whatever the mode of activity of the SoC, with the smallest silicon area.
A catalog providing an overview of this consistent offering of Silicon IPs in 55 nm is immediately available on request.