Jan 23, 2017

Dolphin Integration Receives Open-Silicon’s Award for the Emerging IP Partner of the Year 2016 in the Low Power IoT Ecosystem

The industry’s focus on battery-powered devices sets new expectations in terms of energy saving for a wide range of applications such as IoT, wearables and wireless MCUs. Meeting the underlying low-power challenge requires a new class of silicon IPs to enable unmatched power consumption figures and new IoT SoC architectures leveraging operating modes with reduced power consumption. In addition, advanced techniques are needed for SoC integration to secure and facilitate physical implementation of power domains.

Dolphin Integration is the first silicon IP vendor to provide a complete offering for minimization of the power consumption of IoT SoCs, both in sleep and active modes. Its consistent low-power and high-density offering covers:

  • Foundation IPs – embedded memories and standard cell libraries, some of them being dedicated to the always-on domain,
  • Feature IPs – uLP 32 kHz oscillators, wake-up triggers…
  • IoT SoC Fabric IPs for:
    • safe implementation of power islands,
    • robust embedding of the voltage regulation network
    • flexible assembly of the associated activity control network

Open-Silicon is a leading provider of turnkey custom SoC design and manufacturing solutions, with a solid track record of successful silicon IP integration from diverse IP vendors. Through this collaboration, Open-Silicon typically sources foundation IPs, possibly with some fabric IPs as well, and the end-customer sources relevant feature IPs and fabric IPs to meet the low-power architectural design challenges. Open-Silicon then performs the SoC integration of the of the whole design, physical design, and delivers fully tested silicon parts to the end-customer.

Dolphin Integration is a leading silicon IP provider for low-power IoT SoCs. In view of the growing demand for low power consumption in IoT devices, we intend to leverage the unique solutions offered by Dolphin Integration to meet the challenges of our IoT customers,” said Elias Lozano, Sr. Director of Business Development and IP Solutions at Open-Silicon.

As contributors to the TSMC Ecosystem, Open-Silicon and Dolphin Integration are natural partners to answer the growing needs for low-power IoT ASIC architectural innovation and right-on-first-silicon physical implementation.
Dolphin Integration is proud to receive from Open-Silicon the award for the emerging IP Partner of the Year 2016 in the Low Power IoT Ecosystem


We are proud to receive this award which recognizes our capability to offer true-to-need semiconductor IPs for the low power IoT ecosystem. Our customers have turned their attention to our unique solutions and techniques, proven right-on-first-pass with a demochip at TSMC 55 nm, for reaching the lowest power consumption.”, said Gilles Depeyrot, CEO of Dolphin Integration.

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