Jun 21, 2013

Dolphin integration announces one million of circuits sold over the last two years

Dolphin Integration confirm the growth of their Custom Fabless activity for industrial, aeronautical and military markets with the delivery of more than a million devices since June 2011.

For the leader in Silicon IP for dense and low-consumption circuits, Custom Fabless Products serve to demonstrate their experience in solving, ahead of any competition, the practical problems of high-resolution and high-yield of such IP.

Custom Fabless Products are non-standard ICs developed per a single customer’s specifications and to be delivered over many years. This requires to analyze, advise and respect along all the different steps the specifics requested by the final application. This activity partakes in the long term strategy of the company and fully relies on strong partnerships, in particular with the partners of the Grenoble area as shown on the new website Mysoc.

Circuit delivery demands quality, reactivity and sustainability with a remote control of wafer fabrication, wafer test, packaging and final test. Each of these operation can be realized in a different country (France, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, Japan…) and implies a strong control of yield and a meticulous scheduling of deliveries between diverse site.

The growth of sales turnover associated with these circuits is quite convincing for the future of this activity. And many other circuits, currently in design, will be launched in fabrication in the coming months and years.

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