Dolphin Design announces the successful launch of its first silicon tape out in 12nm FinFet.

Feb 06, 2024

Dolphin Design announces the successful launch of its first silicon tape out in 12nm FinFet.

Puce en 12nm


This test chip is the first of its kind to offer a complete solution for audio IPs in 12 nm FinFet (FF) technology. It combines high-performance, low-power and, optimized silicon footprint to deliver superior sound quality and functionality targeting battery powered application. This dedicated test- chip reaffirms Dolphin Design leadership in mixed signal IPs, inspiring confidence to our customers by accelerating time-to-market, giving best-in-class performances, and ensuring robust product design.

Grenoble, France, February 6th , 2024; Dolphin Design, a leading supplier of high-performance analog, mixed-signal, processing intellectual property (IP) as well as ASIC design, has reached a significant milestone with the successful tape-out of its first 12 nm FinFet test-chip containing its state-of-the-art audio IPs.

Creating a dedicated test-chip is a crucial step in asserting the company positioning as a leader in power management and audio IPs to continually improve performance and quality. Dolphin Design continues to increase its level of expertise in advanced processes used by its customers, as this was done for 22 nm node technologies. Characterizing and mastering a process indeed enables to guarantee the best performance when designing a new IP or doing a migration. The insights gained from test chip development play a pivotal role in matching the company’s aggressive performance roadmap. It can ensure that the company IPs continue to evolve and meet the ever-increasing demands in performance and low power.

This new test chip in 12 nm FinFet is embedding:

  • Four top-of-the-line low-power audio ADC, designed to drastically reduce the power consumption as expected in TWS and voice-controlled devices.
  • Dolphin Design world’s best and unique headphone class-D DAC tailored to offer ultra-low power capabilities, low latency, and high THD+N, and is specifically targeting TWS where power efficiency is critical.
  • An ultra-compact digital PWM DAC that populates numerous devices in needs for a budget-friendly audio DAC to drive speaker amplifiers.

Dolphin Design is relentlessly pursuing innovation and is now at the forefront of industry-leading technologies

With its new set of IPs, Dolphin Design is positioned as the preferred choice for low-consumption, high-performance audio IPs. This achievement underlines our commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions to our customers and reinforces our dedication to continuous innovation in semiconductor IPs. said Hakim Jaafar, VP of Marketing at Dolphin Design

About Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design, a Soitec subsidiary, is a leading provider of semiconductor IP solutions, specializing in ASIC and IP design targeting markets such as Defense, Automotive, industrial, Personal electronics, and IoT. Dolphin Design cutting-edge technology IPs in AI computing, Power management, High-quality Audio, Power metering, and design safety/robustness, allow their thousand customers/partners to accelerate design cycles, foster faster time-to-market and build products/solutions that address the challenges of any industry and support a more sustainable world.

With a customer-centric approach, Dolphin Design provides exceptional support for successful project outcomes. 

For more information about Audio portfolio please visit our website: https://www.dolphin-design.fr/audio-ip/ 

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