Webinar with Kudelski IoT

Webinar: Accelerate MCU Development and Seamlessly Boost Security to SESIP-L3

MARCH 26th, 2024 @ 4 pm (CET)

In a landscape where time to market and embedded security are paramount, Kudelski IoT and Dolphin Design are set to change the game. Discover a world where flexibility meets low power without compromising performance, and where advanced security features set new standards for MCU platforms targeting SESIP-L3 and beyond…

Presented by:
* Hakim Jaafar, VP of Marketing and Application at Dolphin Design
* Lamyae Lahlou, Product Manager at Kudelski IoT

What will you learn?
Watch the replay of the webinar for an in-depth look at how Dolphin Design and Kudelski IoT’s approach to embedded security is changing the game for professionals in the automotive, industrial, and medical industries who seek practical solutions for securing their Edge devices.

This webinar is your ticket to staying ahead in the fast-evolving world of microcontroller technology.