TSMC Technology Symposium – China – 2024

TSMC Technology Symposium - China - 2024

May 28, 2024  


Come and meet our expert to learn how our TSMC-based, ultra-low-power, and smart IP solution can shorten your design cycle and thus accelerate your Time to Market.

We will unveil to you how our cutting-edge technology IP platforms – Power Management, AI accelerators and Audio converters – accelerates SoC design cycles, fosters faster time-to-market and enables companies to build disruptive products/solutions that address the energy-efficiency challenges of any industry.

At Dolphin Design, providing technologies that make SoCs more energy efficient for Edge IoT, Wearables, Industrial, Automotive or HPC, to make our world more sustainable remains a top priority. And we strive to stay ahead as technology leaders.

We look forward to seeing you at TSMC 2024 China Technology Symposium and sharing a glimpse into the future of our technology with you!

Meet our Area Sales Manager and discover our full catalog of TSMC products.

Ying Zhao

Ying Zhao

Sales Director - ASIA

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