Power Management IP designed for Energy-Efficient SoC.

We provide a comprehensive set of silicon-proven, compatible IP clusters with the most advanced low-power design techniques.
From active mode to deep sleep mode, our configurable IP clusters will allow you to create the best-in-class energy-efficient SoC devices.

Our IP portfolio serves leading-edge IoT applications

Configurable PMU

Keep control of your SoC power management strategy from the start-up sequence to advanced DVFS schemes with our configurable ePMU.

Voltage Regulators

Browse our catalog of configurable LDO and DC-DC and build the optimal supply network while keeping your BoM and integration costs under control.

Always-on Solutions

We enable ultra-low leakage SoC devices to maximize the lifetime of battery powered devices
Remove risks. Keep your power under control.

Power Management Unit

Our configurable PMU IP acts as the brain of your power system, it allocates power and clock when needed and manages system interruptions

  • Scalable to any SoC architecture (up to 1024 power domains)
  • Support of DVFS, AVS and Body-Biasing
  • Automated management of the start-up sequence
  • APB control interface
Tell us what’s inside your SoC. We have the right regulators for your application.

Configurable LDO and DC-DC Portfolio

From 1mA to 1A and more, our regulators can be configured to provide you with the best power efficiency figures, whatever application and the battery you are using.

  • Support 1.8V, 3.3V and 5V batteries (AA, coin cell, Li-Ion, USB)
  • High-efficiency DC-DC to get the maximum power from your supply source
  • Low leakage LDO with high PSRR to supply RF and digital domains
  • Capless LDO to remove the need for external components
Minimize leakage consumption. Maximize battery life

Adopt our Always-ON power management & oscillators solutions to increase the autonomy of your battery-operated device

  • Ultra-low quiescent LDO (< 150 nA)

  • Ultra-low power 32kHz RC and XTAL oscillators with RTC

  • Energy-efficient POR-BOR monitoring

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