Jul 28, 2014

Ultra high density standard cell library SESAME uHD-BTF to enrich Dolphin Integration’s panoply at TSMC 90 nm eF and uLL

Dolphin Integration are proud to announce the availability of the ultra high density standard cell library at 90 nm LP eFlash and uLL which comes to complete the panoply offering in this node.

Thanks to its Reduced Cell Stem Library (RCSL) architecture, SESAME uHD-BTF allows logic designers to:

  • reduce the die cost
    • 6 track library versus 7 track library at 90 nm
    • Up to 15% smaller after P&R thanks to “spinner cells” (pulsed latches) compensating any congestion risk
  • Extend battery life
    • 30% less consuming thanks to the homogeneous optimization allowed by the reduced number of cells

For more information about the:           

  • SESAME uHD-BTF TSMC 90 nm LP eFlash click here
  • SESAME uHD-BTF TSMC 90 nm uLL click here


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