TÜV NORD – IFM and Dolphin Integration announce their partnership for VHDL-AMS modeling and verification with SLED and SMASH

Apr 27, 2009

TÜV NORD – IFM and Dolphin Integration announce their partnership for VHDL-AMS modeling and verification with SLED and SMASH

The Institute for Vehicle Technology (IFM) of the TÜV NORD, one of Europe’s largest technical service providers, has selected the multi-domain and multi-level simulator SMASH from DOLPHIN Integration for VHDL-AMS modeling and verification.

Wolfgang Mickisch, Head of Electronics & IT at TÜV NORD – IFM, declared: “We have realized that offering models in VHDL-AMS is a good way forward for providing innovative services to our partners. This commitment to VHDL-AMS will allow us to offer complex multi-domain models and corresponding implementation and validation services for automotive and semi-conductor industries. We realized that using SMASH will be very helpful for our needs for this kind of services.”

In the framework of this partnership TÜV NORD – IFM will accompany the ambitious roadmap of Dolphin with a systematic tool validation. Gilles Depeyrot, MEDAL Business Manager, commented: “SMASH already offers the most extensive support of VHDL-AMS in the industry. We are continuously extending our lead, for instance with recent speed improvements of VHDL-AMS simulation for complex models using multi-dimensional equations with vectors and matrices, or the enhancement of tolerance support. SMASH, combined with its schematic editor SLED, is now the benchmark solution for companies developing models in VHDL-AMS.”


TÜV NORD – IFM in Essen is part of the TÜV NORD Group and its TÜV NORD Mobilität GmbH & Co. KG. With over 8.000 employees and annual revenue of approx. 800 Million Euro the TÜV NORD Group belongs to the largest technical service providers in Europe. The Institute for Vehicle Technology (IFM) in Essen with about 160 engineers and locations in Hannover, Munich and Wolfsburg is an accredited, independent provider of engineering and testing services. The IFM can look back on five decades of national, European and world-wide level projects for industry and public authorities. It is endued with a high technical professional competence concerning mechanical, mechatronic and electronic vehicle systems. The department Electronics & IT covers the fields of “Functional Safety”, “Communication Engineering” and “Software Engineering & Validation”.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Thomas WENZEL

Modeling engineer for Electronics & IT

+49 201 825 4197



About Dolphin Integration

Founded in 1985, DOLPHIN Integration is a lasting actor of the ever-changing design industry in Microelectronics, deeply involved in the process of its accelerating deverticalization. As the “Enabler of Mixed Signal Systems-on-Chip”, they not only contribute the most complete multi-lingual simulator, SMASH starring VHDL-AMS, but also provide the crucial IP methods and Virtual Components, for high-performance hierarchical design.

For more information, contact:

Aline VO VAN

Sales coordinator for Central Europe

+33 4 76 41 74 28


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