The virtual component “Flip80251 typhoon” launches the 16 bit extension of the most popular processor: KEIL Software provides a complete application development in µVision2 with hardware from RAISONANCE!

Feb 03, 2004

The virtual component “Flip80251 typhoon” launches the 16 bit extension of the most popular processor: KEIL Software provides a complete application development in µVision2 with hardware from RAISONANCE!

The launch of the 80251 grants to the growing number of Systems-on-Chip or SoC Integrators, a move to 16 bits empowering the architecture of choice with top performance over complexity, in terms of silicon cost. Now in terms of full “in-SoC cost”, the partners’ expertise and solutions comprise the most radical Integration Platform for mixed signal applications.

DOLPHIN Integration SA of Meylan, France launches the 16 bit microcontroler for enriching its celebrated Flip8051 family.
Intel imagined it: the European trio made it happen!
Keil Software of Grasbrunn, Germany announces cycle-accurate simulation support in the µVision2 IDE/Simulator for Dolphin Integration’s 16-bit Flip80251 Typhoon.
Raisonance of Montbonnot, France announces patented hardware XsmartICE-duo , for dual-use emulation, both for intermediate debug on FPGA (Prototyping Board), and for final checks of the microcontroler, once in layout for embedding in the SoC.

A 16-bit Microcontroler upward code compatible with 80C51

The Virtual Component Flip80251 “Typhoon” is an accelerated version of the Intel C251 microcontroller. It is 100 % binary code compatible upward with the legacy 80C251 but optimized for the best ratio Performance over Complexity!
Flip80251 Typhoon is also 100 % code compatible upwards with the 8-bit 80C51 when running in source mode.

Its enhanced pipelined architecture allows single cycle execution for most of the instructions, and thus accelerates twice the legacy 80C251 and 30 times the standard 80C51 in source mode.

Thanks to its 24-bit linear addressing, the Typhoon allows up to 8 Mbytes of program memory and 8 Mbytes of data memory.

The Flip80251 Typhoon includes Hardware Wait States for interfacing with asynchronous peripherals and low cost memories. Its architecture is register-based with registers accessible as Bytes, Words and Double Words for speeding-up application programs.

It must be recalled that such execution cycle improvements can be translated alternately into more acceleration or into less power-consumption.

Related Features and Peripherals available for Flip80251 Typhoon:
Clock/Power management unit (for processor and memories), Power-saving modes (Idle, Power-down and external Clock/Power Management Unit).

Code Density translates into Silicon Cost Optimization

The 16-bit architecture can provide a significant code size reduction when compiling C programs while fully preserving assembly code written for 80C51 microcontroller. Results based on Dhrystone v1.1 benchmark give a density of the code twice smaller for the Flip80251 Typhoon (2,612 Bytes) compared to the 80C51 (5,197 bytes).

Flip80251 Typhoon, as any other member of the Flip8051 family, is fully configurable, which means it is delivered in the precise configuration meeting user’s requirements together with its Virtual TestBench for ensuring a SoC right-on-first pass.

Configurable Features and Peripherals available for Flip80251 Typhoon:
Up to 3 Timers/counters, Watchdog Timer, Programmable Counter Array, SPI, I2C Master/Slave, HDLC, PWM…

A real low-cost alternative to 32-bit architectures

As many a SmartCard developer experiences, Flip80251 Typhoon is needed for targeting 8/16 applications with increased processing power, reduced operating frequency, and larger memory space.
Typhoon fills a gap as C entral P rocessing U nit for High-Speed Modems, Printers, DVD ROM players, Scanners, or High-End Joysticks…
It may also be used as a CPU or a P eripheral C ontroller U nit for Smart card, Portable Telecom devices…

Flip80251 Typhoon represents the ultimate solution for users who have developed a significant family of products centered on the 80C51 and who wish to improve significantly their performances while keeping the compatibility of their application code, thus avoiding to redevelop everything from scratch.

Flip80251 Typhoon ends-up as the credible alternative to costly 32-bit architectures, while preserving silicon cost and optimizing drastically the density of the associated code. Meanwhile DOLPHIN Integration continues its twofold tradition of being the unique source for fixing any kind of bug, and of being the provider of the Tiny80251 options by stripping down the instruction set of any unused code, condition or mode.

Compatibility with Raisonance and Keil’s Development Platforms

Flip80251 Typhoon integrates seamlessly with the Keil PK251 Professional Developer’s Kit which includes the µVision2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with its Simulator/Debugger, C compiler, assembler, linker, and tiny RTOS.
“We are quite happy to support the enhanced 80251 architecture developed by Dolphin” expressed Reinhard Keil, CEO of Keil Software, “after our early investment in Intel’s original 16-bit architecture. The end of manufacturing by Intel was reasonable at the IC level, but it retrieves its full potential as Virtual Component for SoC design”.

Flip80251 Typhoon also benefits from Raisonance’s XsmartICE-duo , patented and smart In-Circuit Emulator, which enables the dual capability: prototype check-out for System-on-Chip as well as embedded software debug upon release of the SoC.

“This renewal with the pipelined architecture from DOLPHIN should be appealing to the numerous developers and users still benefiting from the 8051”, confided Francis Lamotte, CEO of Raisonance, “and it should revive competition for low-power solutions unduly burdened by 32-bitters”

Dolphin’s COO, Jean-Fançois Pollet added: “We greatly enjoy working with such professional and complementary partners as Keil and Raisonance; they are continually improving their respective solutions and tools to a top level of performance. This complete suite of solutions form a unique SoC Integration Platform, which gives an edge to our users with the most powerful environment for developing safe application programs and reducing both cost and Time-to-Market”.

Pricing and Availability

Flip80251 Typhon is available at both SOFT level (VHDL or Verilog synthesizable RTL) and firm level (Xilinx or Altera synthesized netlist), per the VSIA standard.

µVision2 and Development tools for 80251 are available.

About KEIL Software

Keil Software makes C compilers, macro assemblers, real-time kernels, debuggers, simulators, integrated environments, and evaluation boards for the 8051, 80251, C16x/ST10 XC16x, and ARM7 microcontroller families. Products available from Keil Software include embedded development tools, evaluation software, product updates, application notes, example code, and technical support.

More information is available from: www.keil.com


Raisonance designs and manufactures a variety of Microprocessor Integrated Development Environment, up to Evaluation Boards and Real Time In-Circuit Emulators, to suit the specific needs of the embedded market. Supported target architectures include 8051 from several manufacturers, XA from Philips, ST6 from STMicroelectronics, SmartCard products from Philips and specific and proprietary architectures from DOLPHIN.

Raisonance development tools are distributed and supported worldwide.

For more information, see: www.raisonance.com

About DOLPHIN Integration

The Provider of “Service Empowered IP” for Logic, Analog and Memory Virtual Components offers a wide range of design products with support services; from turnkey design to consulting support for customers wanting efficient insertion of FLIP virtual components from kits into their SoC development.

DOLPHIN Integration is a member of the Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA), and their mission statement is to supply worldwide customers with fault-free, high yield and reliable sets of CMOS Virtual Components together with engineering assistance, product evolution customized to their needs, and innovative Integration Platforms.

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