Nov 23, 2015

The DELTA breakthrough: the standard for embedding power management systems at IP SoC Days Grenoble

Many fabless companies compete for the attractive market of IoT, questing after the most innovative products and design flows to combine performance and power savings. While it is common to optimize the different loads (power domains), it is worth noting that a significant amount of power can be wasted in an inappropriate assembly of voltage regulators.

As a result, easing and securing the implementation of an optimized network of embedded voltage regulators (known as Power Management Network or PMNet) emerges as an acute need for SoC Integrators. The DELTA standard, made public by Dolphin Integration, promotes a set of rules to optimize a PMNet with a library of reusable voltage regulators for diverse challenges (low BoM, low power, maximum efficiency…) at SoC level. The Figure of Merit chosen for each SoC helps select the optimal combination of Delta-compliant regulators as well as recommendations to ensure a robust assembly.

To keep providing state-of-the-art power management solutions and gathering  momentum, Dolphin Integration keeps updating the Delta Standard.

Latest key evolutions:

  • A budget is allocated to the different contributors to IR drop in order to keep voltage variations within the +/-10 % tolerance of characterization range: DC source accuracy, static IR drop and dynamic IR drop.
  • New Views are required to allow power management optimization. Typically, simulation models and tolerance templates are provided to check the proper matching between regulators and their loads.

Discover the complete Delta Standard at our keynote speech at IP SoC Days Grenoble, on Wednesday December 2, 2015.


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