Jun 22, 2015

SESAME BIV standard cell library: ultra low-power solution for always-on blocks

Decreasing the power consumption of SoCs is an ever-increasing challenge that requires power optimization of each individual subsystem. Dolphin Integration proposes the SESAME BIV standard cell library to answer the need for ultra-low power always-on blocks.

SESAME BIV is a patented standard cell library available from 180 nm down to 55 nm. It takes advantage of thick gate oxide transistors to achieve ultra-low leakage performances with an extended operating voltage range (up to 3.6V) enabling a direct connection to the battery thus eliminating the need for regulators.

Such a standard cell library provides the best trade-off between power and area at different mature nodes:

  • Up to 70 % total power saving* (see comparison chart below)
  • Area saving: up to 7x denser*
  • Low BoM: no need for a dedicated voltage regulator
  • Reliability: Patented flip-flop to reliably sustain wide operating voltage range, silicon proven library

* Compared to a 5k gates AO logic using an SVT library and a dedicated regulator

standard cells

SESAME BIV is part of Dolphin Integration’s Low Power Panoply (LoPAN) that combines silicon IPs and design methodologies to achieve the lowest power consumption in a minimal area for each logic subsystem of a SoC.

For further information on SESAME BIV standard cell library, click here or contact libraries@dolphin.fr.

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