Nov 19, 2018

PixArt Imaging selects voltage regulators IPs from Dolphin Integration for its ultra-low power MCU Sensor in 40 nm

Dolphin Integration is proud to announce that PixArt Imaging Inc., a leading provider of CMOS Optical Navigation and Smart Sensing solutions, has selected voltage regulator IPs from Dolphin Integration for its ultra-low power MCU Sensor in 40 nm uLP.

“We selected the Retention Alternating Voltage Regulator from Dolphin Integration due to its ability to achieve high efficiency DC/DC conversion with 225 nA in low power mode. This solution allows us to reduce the power consumption of our SoC by a factor of more than 2.5 times, resulting in extended battery life. This is especially critical in today’s battery operated devices with limited power budget.” said Jason Lin, Vice-President at PixArt Imaging.

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The RAR-eSR-qLR from Dolphin Integration is a unique solution on the IP market combining a high-efficient DC-DC regulator for active operating modes, with an ultra-low quiescent LDO to reach ultra-low consumption for deep-sleep mode. The embedded Regulation Control Unit guarantees fast and secured transitions between the two regulators, thus eliminating the need to add custom power regulation switches and control signals. Compared to traditional structures built with two stand-alone regulators, the RAR-eSR-qLR is a plug and play, safe and cost-effective solution allowing saving one pin and one external capacitance.

“We are glad to see PixArt Imaging adopting our voltage regulators for their top-notch SoC in 40 nm. Our RAR-eSR-qLR is an energy-efficient product that is perfectly suited for ultra-low power IoT applications with stringent battery lifetime constraints” said Frederic Masson, Business & Operations Manager at Dolphin Integration.

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About PixArt Imaging

Headquartered from Hsin-chu, Taiwan, with offices in US California Silicon Valley, China, Japan, Korea and Malaysia, PixArt Imaging Inc. is a sensing and navigation company offering a broad selection of sensors and technologies to support today’s complex human-machine interface designs. Founded in July 1998, PixArt specializes in CMOS image sensors, capacitive touch controllers and related imaging application development. PixArt has an extensive experience in mixed-signal image processing design and systems development and is dedicated to developing novel technologies to bridge the human-machine interface barrier.

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