Discover the final piece of our platform offer: BAT, an audio solution for high quality AIoT applications

Jul 03, 2020

Discover the final piece of our platform offer: BAT, an audio solution for high quality AIoT applications

Grenoble, France – July 3rd

The emergence of powerful and ultra-low-power voice recognition algorithms drives the growth of voice controlled connected devices. Hands-free interactions and voice control are becoming the new user interface standard. This resonates even more in the worldwide pandemic context: changes in habits are decreasing contact with devices and interfaces.

At the same time, all audio markets demonstrate a strong growth rate, and the upward trend of audio device adoption curves are the most vertical in history (e.g. smartspeaker and TWS earbuds).

Highly accurate, flexible and smart voice recognition solutions, together with high-fidelity audio codecs, powered by Ultra-Low Power technologies are the key requirements of leading-edge audio applications. It is a crucial step towards the ultimate user experience where longer battery life, better sound quality and increased freedom are the driving force of market demand.

To meet the future market requirements, we have developed a high-performance, energy efficient audio platform, called BAT, which can provide a voice interface for almost any device while shortening the design Time-To-Market and adding an insignificant power cost.

The BAT platform includes a comprehensive set of high-fidelity audio IPs with state-of-the-art audio performances (SNR, THD, etc.) and disruptive voice activity detectors with unequalled efficiency. An AI unit offering highly accurate wake words, command words and event detection with near-zero power consumption is under development to complete the BAT platform.

The BAT platform provides a unique solution in the market that helps fabless companies to:

  • Accelerate their time-to-market with streamlined SoC integration in days, not weeks
  • Achieve ultimate energy efficiency with a state-of-the-art IP portfolio enabling very high audio performances at very low power
  • Get differentiation with application-optimized features and performances
BAT – Analog & Digital Audio Platform

BAT has already enabled several audio devices such as Smartspeakers and TWS earbuds in 40 nm and 22 nm low-power process nodes, and will soon be extended to FinFet technology.

BAT is fully interoperable with other SPEED platforms (SPIDER, CHAMELEON, PANTHER and RAPTOR) to make a complete audio development platform, securing users’ Time-To-Market and market differentiation.

The smart combination of our versatile expertise paves the way to unrivaled energy-efficiency levels to maximize the battery life of modern connected devices.

Get your audio SoC differentiated.

Adopt BAT.

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