New release of our innovative IDE for the RISC-V ecosystem

Jul 24, 2018

New release of our innovative IDE for the RISC-V ecosystem

Embedded software development is one of the major focuses to work on in order to reduce Time-to-Market of microcontroller based products. To this end, the need for a complete and integrated development environment is crucial. Indeed, an industrial solution with ready-to-use and configurable MCU subsystems, together with advanced debug features, enables to facilitate and accelerate each software development phases.

After providing in free download its innovative IDE supporting the RISC-V microcontrollers, Dolphin Integration announces today the availability of its new release: SmartVison™ 2.4.0
This new release is enhanced thanks to new innovative features and the support of more RISC-V ISA extensions:

  • Support of the “F” instruction set extension for single precision floating point registers and operations
  • New stack-unwinding tool in the debug toolbox to speed-up application program debug by giving access to program execution stack frames
  • Several new pre-defined MCU subsystems based on the RV32 Tornado both in simulation and emulation for reducing application development time and for easily use RISC-V peripherals
  • FreeRTOS support for RV32 Tornado to debug efficiently RTOS-based applications
  • New intuitive wizard for the creation of RISC-V subsystem projects and the generation of RTL configuration files

Moreover, a beta version of the virtual debug for RV32 Tornado is now available. It allows co-simulation of the RTL code along the C application software for instruction-level debug with the possibility to visualize the complete design signals, design registers and the program variables

As a reminder, SmartVison™ IDE is an open environment allowing the design of complete subsystems based on processor cores and peripherals. Its use for application software development and debug is two-fold:

  • In simulation: thanks to sub-system modelling, including peripherals and memories, with power consumption estimation
  • On-chip: combined with an In-Circuit Emulator (ICE), BIRD™, and an USB adapter named S-Link

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